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Zeitgeist Reloaded

MLatM could not have progressed this far without your continued support. From those that provide me with tickets to the individuals who accompany me to screenings, thank you. To all my readers, “likers,” tweeters, and “sharers,” thank you. This passion project has grown because of your input and aid.

Another aspect of appreciation I would like to bring up is that of recommendations. Every week I’m blessed to hear about movies I’ve yet to, and should see. Today’s edition developed out of two acclaimed films two friends sent my way. The first I’d never seen before, and the second I’d never seen on Blu Ray. Both worked together to create the following mental narrative. Humor me and follow along.

Zeitgeist: This experimentation in free thinking begins with a look at the social sciences. Our genetic soup is analyzed, criticized, and its issues equated to greater concerns. Concerns like society and the economy that fuels it.

Considering our current economic crisis it’s high-time we recognize we can’t cook the books forever. Every peak finds a valley and we’re now plummeting through the terra-firma at terminal velocity. With the dangers of this material system made evident a solution must be found. The film presents this in the form of eliminating our current structure and replacing it with a resource based focus.

By removing the free market, manual labor, and the need for material gain the belief is violence will cease allowing scientific advancement to truly begin. The Venus Project will be our new habitat; an Edenic world wherein machines perform the tasks we’ve failed to perfect. It is posited that unbiased science will cure this dying world once we’ve abolished the philosophical fancies that have harmed it.

Reloaded: What happens when science rears its ugly head? What happens when the machines that provide us with utopia rise in revolt? What if these computers at our finger tips end up having us by the balls?

You take the red pill, fall down the plasma filled rabbit hole and free your mind. Following Neo’s flight from mechanical control he’s led towards further chaos and confusion. With all the foresight in the world he still can’t see past the “door of light.” Numerous competing philosophies are provided as solves. From Causality to Taoism Neo is endlessly mind-fucked by the plethora of programs and people competing for his attention.

In the end the Architect erases these illusions and ideals.

You see the science that once rebeled later came through with it’s promise of paradise… but we rejected it. The issue was choice, humanity needed the option to fail. This necessity is compounded into an anomaly, a deviant human representative of a love for its own species and the will to survive.

And the choice… save the world or save the girl?

Like Neo, it’s always the girl here in my life at the movies :)


  • user99

    haha, loved it dude. A great marriage of thought, deep and organically argumentative.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks buddy… it was a weird experiment. However, in watching the first film it naturally led me to the second. I had planned to team these movies up before finding how they fit together, so it was shocking to see the Zeitgeist create the groundworks for a future Reloaded warns against.

      That said, Reloaded is in my top 5 all time fav films!

  • Anonymous

    Reloaded was unreal on Blu Ray. I can’t wait to watch it over and over. Zeitgeist I’ll pass on, I’ve got enough in my life to worry about.
    My wife loves that type of junk though!

    • Anonymous

      Women always do… who do you think recommended it to me? LOL! That said it was a mind trip, that once I loosened up for, was fun. It just gets to political for me. However, I think it made for one cool narrative ;)

  • Chris Elliott

    Chillllllling! This shit is so scary, and I love the way you articulated it. Great job slime!

    • Anonymous

      Scary… but one hell of an enjoyable mind-trip. Glad you enjoyed the story, it was a new and different approach to MLatM, and there is a lot of new and different blogs for this series on the horizon.

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