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Work it out… From Scratch

Still on his work out shit, eatin’ his vegetables… Mr. Gist has been in prime form gearing up for the release of his highly anticipated EP dropping on iTunes this month. The 5 track album appropriately entitled From Scratch features an array of new ideas, concepts and direction. Fans can expect the same menacing lyrical demolition Gist is known for, coupled with original music and top notch beats. With just one featured artist (A-Clay), this mini-album is meant to showcase and reintroduce the man’s legacy and motivation on the microphone.

The EP’s production, save one track, is all original composition crafted by Gist’s secret weapon Mr. Peebles. Upon listening to the lead (and not yet released) single Ohhh, it isn’t hard to tell that this project will be a memorable and defining moment in his career. Look out for it’s official digital release on iTunes, sometime this month.

“New sound, new ideas, new crackkkkkk” – Tom Gist

Below is a promotional video shot and directed by Devon “Sweetz” Warren.



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