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Wingfield: Lost & Found

For our Third team-up blog Chris & I decided to share a review. So without any further ado we bring to you a double take on Wingfield: Lost & Found

Whenever I attend the theatre, despite the subject, the actors, lighting or any other variables, I am always excited and thrilled. Last Thursday I had the pleasure of attending Wingfield: Lost and Found, which is a Canadian 1 man play based upon the life of an ex-Bay Street Tycoon turned dairy farmer.

The premise of this unique comedy is simple: One man narrating the trials and tribulations of his new life as a Farmer. Due to the fact that only 1 actor carries out an entire narrative play, a firm grasp on alternate impersonations and characterization is necessary. I was somewhat surprised that the star of the show, Rod Beattie, absolutely delivered.

Transforming your own voice and personality to those of others is never an easy thing to master. However, with ease, Rod meticulously carried out more than 7 characters, flawlessly weaving in and out of their well-defined personalities and voices.

His stage presence was iconic, as was his niche sense of humor (the only part of the play I struggled to connect with). Overall, the show was a success, and a joy to watch. If you have any insight to the types of personalities a Farmer would encounter in his normal day-to-day, I highly recommend checking it out.

Not only was “Wingfield: Lost & Found” a brilliantly acted one man stage show, it was also backed by some extraordinary writing. Entering the theater just before the lights dimmed, I have to be honest, I didn’t know what to expect. However, as Rod Beattie began to morph into a seeming dozen different characters I quickly began to realize that I was in for a treat.

Seeing that the story revolved around an amateur journalist I couldn’t help but relate. Walt Wingfield’s a storyteller, and like any great storyteller his stories seemed to stem from irrelevancy and thereafter develop into endearing narratives. Stories about simple people with complex problems; stories that utilized language and emotion to turn unrelatable circumstances into shared experiences.

All in all it was amazing to see a genius script brought to life by one man; to see a parched village find its sustenance in itself. Cryptic I know, but let me end by saying that if you’re in the mood for some good Canadian theater look no further. This is a magical mish-mash of old and new, big city and small. It is a comedy about forgiveness, faith, and family… and it was thoroughly enjoyed.

On at the Panasonic Theatre until the end of the month, buy tickets HERE and enjoy the show!


  • Anonymous

    WOW! This is an amazing way of reviewing! I’m a writer on this amazing site but I’m floored! love the colabo here, it gives a unique sense of two individuals simultaneously, int he same climate, sharing seperate views! So good guys! Wish my busy scheduled allowed me to see this, I probably never will, but it truly sounds like an experience. I am sure the evening was as well (especially for Chris and the people sitting beside him *wink*)

    • Chris Elliott

      Thanks dog. I appreciate the love. It wasn’t my favorite play, but I definitely enjoyed myself .

      Special thanks to that Blonde Cougar who was flirting with me the entire show. I’m all yours Mrs. Robinson. ;)

      • Anonymous

        You definitely had her giggling. I absolutely loved this play! I was on the edge of my seat a lot… but I don’t know what it was, the narrative though simple was just so damn intriguing.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=509428908 Clara Vaz

    I’m digging your description of the play – its not often that I go to see them, because I’ve been to such disappointing ones in the past, but this does sound alluring. His feat is difficult – but to accomplish it sounds like the mark of an actor with great skill. Great review!

    • Anonymous

      Thx @ClaraVaz1 :)
      It really was a great experience, and to be honest, I always love to go to the theater with @ChrisAndFame — Me and Chris have such different takes on the arts that it is refreshing to get a different, but still positive opinion.

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