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Wheels: 2010 Jeep Wrangler

The Jeep brand is a mysterious beast. Over the last 20 years they have been considered cool, functional, sexy, nerdy, destructive, unesscery, trendy and bold all at once. No matter your stance back in 1993 or 2010, today, the word Jeep equates to hip. SUV’s haven’t exactly had it easy in the new millenium. Thanks to the bull-headed environmental stance that everyone and their grandmother is taking these days,the concept of a big, brash, in-your-face SUV is slowly becoming less and less appealing. The new Jeep Wranglers however, are for some reason, seen in a different light. Perhaps it is due to their comparably smaller bodies, or the fact that they are (in summer months) almost always in convertible mode, that people seem to be shamelessly purchasing the exact type of product that has been blamed on the earths polution crisis. They are now seen as more of a trendy doors-off-top-missing-blaring-Waka-Floka-Flame-with-only-attractive-people car, then a rugged lets-go-off-roading-with-the-boys-for-a-weekend-and-be-masculine truck. Evolution is a great thing for a brand when it goes the right way, and in this case there have not been any left turns. Pun intended… Unfortunately.

This has been my dream car since it was released, and unlike previous Wheels posts that may have been a tad out of my monetary boundaries, I might actually be able to own one sooner or later. Pictures below.

Waka Floka Flame – O Let’s Do It 


  • Brian

    I love jeeps!

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