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Vincent van Gogh

What can I say about this Dutch Post-Impressionist painter? To give a brief biography and resume run-down would not only be pointless, but vain as well. There are so many other people whom adequately possess the level of articulation required to justly tell this man’s tale. For now, I think I’ll leave it up to them. I would simply like to impose on you, my recent obsession with his later works.

I have always been fascinated by landscape and environment. The colors, the infinite details and the endless shapes meant so much to me. I get truly lost in the beauty of the outdoors. During the last few years of his life, van Gogh produced some of the best interpretations of landscape ever attempted by a painter. His brash and obvious strokes were filled with the passion that was essential in visually communicating his surroundings.

I quite obviously never knew this man, nor spoke with him. But for some reason, I feel like I understand him through the images he portrays. I relate to his solitary reflection. His escape.

I am no art-expert by any stretch of the most profound of imaginations, however I know what moves me. The below masterpieces come as no exception.


  • Anonymous

    He is a great mind… that cracked in the end sadly enough.

    That said, great look at some great scenery. I have seen a few Van Gogh’s in person and his work is very powerful. I never liked him or Picasso until I saw their work in person. Now I am a fan. Thanks for sharing your feelings about being the same.

    • Chris Elliott

      I agree. It is very tragic. Hard to believe he died so young. Just think of all of the things he could have done for art…

  • Anonymous

    When you gonna cop me a OG Van Gogh for the crib homie???

    Great work!

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