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Behind every great rapper there is a great actress/model/dancer (with bodacious curves). Sound a little off? Perhaps. However, in the world of hip-hop videos that philosophy has been proven time and time again to be 100% accurate. Sure, certain people might take this argument as slanderous or disrespectful towards women, however my intention is not to objectify or stereotype, but to simply display their importance in the art form.

The sexual nature of many rap lyrics ooze with provocative themes. Rappers vividly articulate sexual encounters, (both fantasy and reality) to the listener, allowing imaginations to run wild. These lyrical pictures are then translated in paralleling music videos. It would be inaccurate, and down right inconsistent to lead listeners to one thought mentally and not demonstrate it visually!

The many talented ladies that have been featured in hip-hop music videos over the years, simply do not get the credit they deserve. In fact, they get an extremely bad rap (pun not intended). The media depicts them as sluts who in a desperate search for fame and fortune, willingly objectify themselves by dancing like strippers in music videos. The sad fact is that most of these women are legitimately talented actresses. If you’ve ever been on the set of a music video, you would automatically attest to the fact that everything happening on screen is acting. Not real life. If the lyrics of a song depict a certain lifestyle, and the premise of the video is to literally parallel that lifestyle, then anything short of the aforementioned would be a falsity! As long as contracts are in place, content is produced tastefully, everyone is treated decently, and no one is getting hurt, what is the big deal? Who is harmed?

Question: Are women being disrespectfully depicted in hip-hop videos?

In light of my passionate stance, I have taken the time to showcase a few of the beautiful women who have graced our favorite videos over the years. If you’re as big a rap fan as I am, you’re bound to recognize at least a few.


  • Clara

    Such beautiful women. Why not. Good for them. 

  • Clara

    But of course women are being disrespecfully treated in videos and in rap in general. It’s the rape culture thats so prevalent throughout society. But women, especially ones with finely honed assets, play into it – its the patriarchal bargain – we’re damned if we do, and damned if we dont. But why shouldn’t we use our bodies to get us places?! It would be nice if we didn’t have to, sure. But some of us exploit it and make tons of money off it. At the same time, I wish rape lyrics weren’t so horrendous around women. I wish it didnt propagate a culture that is seen off the screen, where young men beat their girlfriends and the latter thing its okay, where Rihanna was blamed all over the net when Brown beat and bit her. I wish it didn’t propagate the message that women’s bodies are playthings to be enjoyed by all, and never her own. That she has to be sexual, but only up to a limit or else she’s a slut. That men will never love a woman like that. 
    So a whole culture of demonizing and infantilizing a woman – reducing her to a piece of ass, another toy in a whole gamut of objects. 
    And those who choose to exploit it  - we walk a tightrope daily, between virgin and whore – and trying to position ourselves in the playing field is such a difficult thing to do. I wonder how we even get through our days sometime. 
    At least these women are owning it. But who knows the battles they fight?

    • Chris Elliott

      I totally see what you’re saying, and I respect the fact that you maintain such a strong stance on this issue. It IS a problem that women are being perceived negatively by the media and the public, however if they’re putting themselves in this situation, they understand the repercussions and they’re comfortable with it, who’s really to blame? The people producing the project, or the talent within it? Just a thought.

  • Anonymous

    Well… I love to look but wouldn’t trust none of em. SLIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIME!!!!

    Sick pix btw.

    • Chris Elliott

       Rita G crushin mo’fuckas with that thang.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ryan-Hancock/510667721 Ryan Hancock

    Not gonna lie, I didn’t read any part of this post. Just looked at the pics. haha so what!? I’m an ass man!

    • Chris Elliott

      That makes 2 of us, friend. That makes 2 of us. 

  • amir


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