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Unintentional Christian Humor

Though I am scored as a solemn fellow, I’m not always awash in tears. On the contrary I am quite the positive person. Yes, I beat myself up when I fall short of my goals. Yes, I worry endlessly about the issues that attack me from all sides. Yes… I am just like every other person honest enough to be self-aware.

That said, I escape these worries in ways familiar to all… Humor! I love jokes both crude and kind. I love comedies of all styles. However, one of my niche joys is “unintentional Christian humor.” Meaning, Christian mishaps that though intended to inspire faith work to excite howling uproars instead. The following are three examples of exactly that.

Enjoy :)

1.) The time honored question… Who is in fact in the house?

2.) Newly found facts from the bible. Jesus gave gangsta hugs… from the side fool!

3.) The bell of the ball. The King of re-inventing himself does another Nu Thang ;)


  • MRcromanic

    Where do i even start with this. Nu Thang was the best 80s throwback i think ive ever seen. I dunno if it was that kid’s desperation for air inbetween verses or his parachute pants-but regardless he changed my viewpoint on what it really means to be a white rapper. This kid is probably now in his thirties, living in in his parents basement and doing birthday parties.

    Long live Nu thang….

    • Anonymous

      Speaking of 30′s and Bday parties… Get this kid back in business to do mine!!!

  • Anonymous

    Nu Thang is like home video quality lol.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=500156332 Micah Holden

    Jon, Humor just isn’t Humour without u. *deep british chortle*

    • Anonymous

      You are your father’s son. So am I… American spellings rule my writing, LOL! PS… tell your dad I miss him. Best Bishop ever!

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=500156332 Micah Holden

        haha, will do bro ! keep at er !

  • Jonathanleebrock

    Ha ha ha amazing. PS.. when you write about JLB my mind conjures images of Superman.

    • Anonymous

      I almost was gonna write that piece…. then I read your Lakers comment. I now foresee further delays, LOL!

      • Jonathanleebrock

        Ha ha ha when you come by later can you help me get my foot out of my mouth? Thanks.

  • Chris Elliott

    IN STITCHES!!!! OMG!!! This is too preciuos!!! “Who is in fact in the house?” ahahah OMG.

    • Anonymous

      JC’s always in the house my man! LOL!

  • Anonymous

    HaHa Godfrey it’s rare to see yhou happy these days you dirty bird you! Grow up peter pan!

    • Anonymous

      It’s summer, I’m naturally in a better mood. That said the dark stuff will be more entertaining this summer with Pieces of a Story, but it’ll be my darkness nonetheless :) Gotta have some Evil Godfrey every now and then.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Amber-Sziklasi/305300731 Amber Sziklasi

    I think I learned a good message from this… It’s not ok to hug someone from the front, but it’s ok to have gun shots in the song… yes, I think that message was effective.

    • Anonymous

      Amber how I miss you. We all have to have a Dreamland family BBQ ASAP :)

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