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Two Quarters In

Another quarter has come and gone; another game’s been had. My theatrical adventure reached fifty films, and a new contender for best in show was found. The Golden Road was discussed, broken down, and explained as an additional awards series to precede the Golden Babies. Basically a means of celebrating the undertakings I craft and stumble into.

So much has been accomplished in the last three months. The sponge inside my head continues to speak, and movies are its language. Having a blog that allows me to combine my personal discoveries with my love for film has been beyond therapeutic. Furthermore, this coming quarter will not only include my one year anniversary with the series, it will also contain my 100th blog in this on-going narrative. Crazy? I know. Crazy is exactly what this blog is all about.

Currently I sit in one of the “Best Theatrical Experience” nominees, the Bell TIFF Lightbox. As I await Malick’s current masterpiece I reflect back upon all that I’ve accomplished and included herein. So much of my struggle has been chronicled in this endeavor; so many honest emotions have been shared. Pieces of my story scattered in write-ups like: Thor, Water For Elephants, and The Beginners. Memorable nights like best film nominee “Midnight In Paris,” and the brilliant blu-ray “Evangelion 2.22.”

My hunt to find 2011’s greatest blockbuster kicked off in full this quarter. “X-Men: First Class” stepped up as the greatest let down, and “Dark of the Moon” stands strong as the current number one contender. In addition, my childhood recollections returned with “Swiss Family Robinson” and “Top Gun.” Then there was “Super 8,” which simply made me feel like a kid again.

Star Wars celebrated a landmark anniversary; African Cats made Earth Day an important theatrical outing; and The Hangover 2 was the best laugh I’ve had in months. All in all it was painful, enlightening, and ultimately… a pleasure.

I conclude this blog now after seeing Tree of Life. I’m again reminded as to what the whole point of this experiment has been. My innocent beginnings have grown in detail and depth. Thus, in this next quarter the pace and purpose will without question increase in quality.

As the summer continues to simmer I’ll be enjoying the air conditioning of the remaining blockbusters playing out before me. Then, as round three concludes it’ll be time for TIFF… and I await the festivities with a stoic grin. Hopefully I’ll be able to sneak in some Blu Ray and TMN coverage as well. With that said, wait with me to experience the coming storms and sunshine. Reflect with me over the moments and musings that make life matter. And remember that it’s all love, all the time, here in my life at the movies.



  • Anonymous

    Cant believe you watched that many flicks at the theater already!

    • Anonymous

      With “Tree of Life” and “Roma” this weekend I’m already up to 53. That said, I have to see 47 more to meet my goal. This takes way more effort, planning, and open minded adventuring than I first suspected. Luckily it also comes with so many lessons learned and knowledge gained. Lord knows how I am going to top this in 2012. 

  • Chris Elliott

    Awesome work man. It has been quite a journey. I’m so glad we got to share some of these flicks together dog. I’m excited for you to reach your goal sir. 

    • Anonymous

      It’s daunting to think about how much there is left to accomplish. I’m very nervous about TIFF. I have to start planning ASAP. Hopefully with time off this weekend I can start compiling a beginners schedule. I did this with the Summer early on… and boy did it help out. The amount of work that goes into planning and seeing 100 movies is much more than I at first expected. However, it has all been worthwhile. 

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