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True Blood Season 4 Episode 1

It’s always good to see your family, especially if you haven’t seen them in awhile. That’s how I felt as HBO’s static screen came on and Season 4 of True Blood began.

Sookie found herself in the ‘fairy world’ with Claudine. Her long-lost grandfather was there munching on some psychedelic fruit. The tainted fruit blinded everyone into believing that they weren’t really in the middle of a wasteland. Sookie and her grandfather escaped the ensuing harvest returning to earth with the aid of the “rebels.”


Once home it quickly became apparent that Sookie had been gone for quite a while. Twelve and a half months to be exact.

A lot has changed in her absence:

* Sookie’s home was sold by her brother Jason, (who is now a police officer).

* Andy Bellefleur is addicted to V.

* Lafayette and Jesus are together and attending “coven” meetings, (led by a powerful witch).

* Mikey (Arlene and Rene’s son) was born and is currently busy plucking Barbie Doll heads.

* Tara moved away to become a female cage fighter…. as well as a lesbian.

* Jessica and Hoyt are living together and undergoing some relationship issues. Namely, Jessica is finding it hard to control her vampiric “needs”.

* Pam, Eric and Bill are in league with the AVO trying to reintegrate Vampire’s into the human populace.

* Hoyt’s mom has taken in Sam’s brother Tommy. Yep, he’s alive; Sam merely left him with a noticeable limp. Sam is in anger management with a group of shape-shifters.

The most interesting part of the show was how the vampire order has continued to affect the main cast of characters. With Bill alive it seems he must have defeated the vampire queen. At one point he ordered Eric away, (meaning he has some kind of power over him). One of the witches from the Lafayette storyline leaves the coven to meet Bill Compton, who she addresses as “Your Majesty”. This indicates that the witch storyline will coincide with that of the vampires considering they have successfully planted a spy in the coven.

The episode closes with Eric “inviting” himself into Sookie’s home. Correction: “Eric’s home,” (as it was he who purchased it while Sookie was away). Vulnerable before him, Eric claim’s her as his own and bares his fangs.

The episode itself was very well done with some amazing aesthetics, especially those that took place in the fairy world. The storylines they have put in place seem very interesting, but not yet ground-breaking. With so many characters/arcs interacting I worry that, (like in Season 3), some of them will get lost in the shuffle.

That said, I will be tuning in next week as excited as ever!

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 fangs


  • Anonymous

    It was an odd first episode, but that is coming from someone who hasn’t seen much of the series. I did like the first few minutes for the veil was lifter, and I loved Sookie in pink at the end… but there was a lot in the middle that I wasn’t overwhelmed by. That said, I am still going to watch every episode, and if I get time, catch up on some I missed. Keep up the great coverage big bro!!!

    • Anonymous

      it’s had to get into if you don’t know what’s what.  A lot of hee chaacters have had a lot happen to them so if they seem a bit off it’s because their back-stories have messed them up a bit!

    • Anonymous

      it’s had to get into if you don’t know what’s what.  A lot of hee chaacters have had a lot happen to them so if they seem a bit off it’s because their back-stories have messed them up a bit!

  • Anonymous

    Great opening episode and great recap! I for one am glad they didn’t stay in faerie land too long, except to establish that things had changed back home in Bontemps. The one thing I missed was Alcide, but he’ll be along sometime in the future I’m sure. Really liking Jason’s new more competent self, Sookie’s as self-absorbed as ever, and Eric is Eric. All in all great stuff, but there’s obviously room for bigger and better.

    • Anonymous


      it was nice to have them back.  I’m also gald Jason is in a bit of a changed position, and the twist with his ‘village people’ at the end was really good.

      Need more Lafeyette!

  • Chris Elliott

    Love that opening line about the HBO screen. So true. Once that dawns the picture, you always know you’re in for a treat. I have to get into this show, and I definitely have the proper inspiration. #annapaquinmustdie

    • Anonymous

      Try season 1, you dont like it, stop there.

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