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TRON: Legacy

[audio:http://dreamlandapparel.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/12/12-End-of-Line.mp3|titles=12 - End of Line]

Living on a university campus was an odd experience for a 7 year old. In the late 80’s, while my dad finished up his PhD, we moved into married-student-housing at the University of Waterloo. Like I said, it was a strange world, but it nevertheless had its perks. Of all the benefits to childhood-campus-crooning no melody was as sweet as “Flynn’s Arcade.”

Flynn’s Arcade? Like the one in the 1982 Disney spectacle Tron? The short answer to that is, yes. In the plaza across the street from our apartment was Flynn’s Arcade. It had a neon sign inspired by its cinematic predecessor, and housed one of the best arcade-cabinet-collections I’ve ever seen. It was a magical place whose bright lights helped me escape my loneliness and explore my imagination. It was one of the early breeding grounds for my creative genes, and remains a treasured reminder of the joys of entertainment.

Last night “Tron Legacy” burst onto silver screens across the world. The twenty-eight-years-in-the-making sequel finally unveiled itself to the eyes and ears of the general populace… and it was mesmerizing!

Several decades have past since the original protagonist Kevin Flynn has gone missing. Encom; the company he rescued in the first film, has again entered into its evil empiric ways. However, son Sam Flynn has been steadily stirring the pot and has finally found access to “The Grid.”

The Grid: to put it simply it IS the movie. This world of advanced 3D imagery and hi-definition symphonic sound is what makes Tron – “Tron.”

The re-imagined Light Cycles; mind-melding fight choreography; incredible costuming; the Beautiful Olivia Wilde; the spotlight stealing Michael Sheen; the magnificently rendered Clu; and the award worthy soundtrack by Daft Punk work together to make one of the greatest audio/visual experiences ever offered.

On Wednesday evening, (returning home from the Raptors/Bulls game) I entered a subway car filled with people who had just left an early Screening of TRON: Legacy. Intrigued by their luck I couldn’t help but eavesdrop. Yet, to my dismay they were a brand of movie-goer I struggle to say, “frustrate me!” Despite having seen the movie for free, been blessed with an early viewing, and graced with sights and sound any kid would gawk over – this group choose to bash on the minor flaws within the work.

The existence of pessimistic critics is an ever-growing virus. This cityscape is filled with wannabe reviewers who exude their pseudo-intelligence by demeaning the work of greater minds. Fans seem few and far between in the circles I now spin. Everyone is angry, and few are ever satisfied. I fail to see how considering 2010 was one of the greatest years for movies I can remember. The fact it is eclipsing with “Tron Legacy” only solidifies that. Thank you all for enjoying this experiment; this on-going blog that works to highlight the beauty of cinema; this personal tale I’ll bring into the new-year known as “My Life at the Movies.”


  • Anonymous

    Great peace, I don’t even want to spoil it with words other than
    A) Love the experience of going to the theater and can’t WAIT to go to see this!
    B) The virus of pseudo-movie viewer experts that ruin the experience for regular movie goers need to be extinguished by us ASAP!

    • Anonymous

      A.) thank you for being the biggest supporter of MLatM.
      B.) I can’t wait to see what movies we attend for 2011. SUCKER PUNCH FOR SURE!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Christopher-Michael-Elliott/500513490 Christopher Michael Elliott

    Awesome piece dude. Everyone keeps talking about this movie, so I think I’ll see it. Not much of a Sci-fi guy, but visuals and music always keep me interested.


    • Anonymous

      It it is definitely sci-fi… but first and foremost it is visual splendor! Dude you have to see it in Ultra AVX 3D. Me, Adam, and John wanna go so let me know if you’re in. I have to see this again before it leaves theaters.

  • Anonymous

    Since I don’t know if you get notified of responses to your Dreamland FB page:

    Mikhail Campbell: “Ah man, that Flynn’s arcade sounds awesome! I just saw it a few minutes ago. In preparation I watched the original last night and I gotta say I’m glad I did. The film is just gorgeous and while they could have done more with the story that minor flaw didn’t really lessen my enjoyment of it.

    As an aside: I’ve never been the biggest Olivia Wilde fan but damn if that shot of her on the couch didn’t make me reevaluate my stance lol”

    • Anonymous

      I agree on every level. To ask for considerable depth in the plot considering the visual focus is foolish. Many people will be upset with this movie because they think themselves above it; however, many more will simply love it because that is what it is there for.

      Thx for sharing my man… also, Olivia WIlde is stunning!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Adam-Wood/541180607 Adam Wood

    I’m so glad we randomly decided to go see this opening night BUT when we left the movie I felt incomplete. I wanted more (cause I’m greedy). I think the movie had a perfect balance of drama and action. Clu was amazing. The sound was the best thing I’ve heard since 5.1 was available (Daft Punk was next level). The visuals were memorizing. I cant get it out of my head and I’ve since dreamt of “the grid”.

    As for the critics … Haters gonna hate, thats what they do. I’ll be going again before the year’s through – Thanks Jon

    • Anonymous

      The quality of the animation makes calling it animation offensive. The textures, depth, and color are so impressive it is hard to consider it computer generated. CLU is the greatest accomplishment in digital animation to date.

      The fact the music was mixed in 7.1 was so impressive. Daft Punk took Zimmers style and gave it so much funk and transience that I was completely lost in the visuals. I could go on for days about this movie. Bump the haters this movie was genius!!!

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  • Miels

    I really didn’t like this movie. I went into it without an expectations and truly wanted to like it. I just didn’t. The movie, aside from it’s visual effects- which I thought they were pretty good- felt empty and too surface. The story itself was lacking depth. I really didn’t feel like anything happened and was disappointed that I felt so bored watching it.

    Again, I do agree it looked pretty stellar visually- but that was about the only fun part for me.

    • Anonymous

      I absolutely loved it :)

      Agree to disagree.

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