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Tower Heist

Last night, whilst debating with my girlfriend as to which movie to see, a few options were on the table. Being constantly in search of deep, thought provoking films, in which I can reflect on and examine, my first choice was Leonardo Dicaprio’s newest offering J.Edgar. Natalie’s was different. Much different. Despite my most deterring arguments she wanted to see Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy’s new blockbuster  Tower Heist. Perhaps it was the blatantly in-your-face method of promotion, or the all-too-perfect chemistry of the cast, but I had absolutely zero interest in this movie. Until I saw it…

Remember back in the late 90′s and early 2000′s when action/comedies were really, really good? Thanks to  Tower Heist, I got the reminder I needed. Movies like Blue Streak, Money Talksand 48 Hrs. were buzzing through my mind as I watched Eddie Murphy make a glorious return to the type of character that made us fall in love so many years ago. However, Eddie wasn’t the show-stealer. In fact, the entire star-studded cast (including screen legend Allen Alda) gave a wonderful performance. The script was written in a way that all actors had moments to shine and completely justify they’re purpose in the story.

Yes, the plot is extremely predictable. Of course, a “PG” movie isn’t going to shock you! But I can guarantee you this: you will laugh and you will definitely be entertained. This type of movie is not meant to exercise the mind, but rather to give it a rest.

As my experienced and knowledgeable Editor in Chief Jon Godfrey would say, ‘Fuck the critics’, and forget what they say. Art, as always is subjective! Tower Heist has a ton of heart, and if you’re in the mood for a fun, light and enjoyable experience, I highly recommend checking it out.




  • Anonymous

    My parents said the same, and seeing as this is a Ron Howard project I am not surprised. Perhaps Natalie and I will see this tomorrow. I need an 88th film before I go see Breaking Dawn next weekend. you’ve definitely convinced me, let’s see if I can convince her ;) I’ll let you know, good lookin slime.

    • Chris Elliott

      Thanks dude! And it was nice to do a movie piece, for this one your previous magic was the inspiration! See this film! I promise you will both love it. It’s Nat’s sense of humor too. 

  • Anonymous

    Thanks man. Now I know I won’t be wasting my money. 

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