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Toronto in Ten

I love my city. I’ve stated this fact in numerous blogs over the past year, but I feel my blushing bride has yet to hear the end of it. Recently I’ve tried to diversify my blogging portfolio by retiring The Love Blog and undertaking an ongoing narrative, (Pieces of a Story). My Life at the Movies is still in full swing but I’ve also attempted to retrace my roots as of late. Random write-ups about whatever really, and I had so many on deck I was feeling overwhelmed. Then I realized that all of these topics have a common nucleus, Toronto. So with an eye for the Late Night I got creative and made a list. Toronto in Ten!

[one_third] 10.) Bloor Cinema: MLatM obviously gets an honorable mention off the bat, and I saw two more films for the Race to 100 the other day at this Toronto staple. Bloor Cinema is a vintage fare wherein the tickets are cheap and the reels creative. How creative? John Gerontzos and I attended a double feature of Escape from New York and A Clockwork Orange, that creative ;)

9.) Shoeless Joes: The King Street location to be exact. Though it is not my flavor of food, it’s chesty enough to keep me entertained. I kid… kinda. The staff is adorable and the atmosphere is great. Numerous televisions and a well stocked bar too boot, trust me Alpha males you’ll love it.

8.) Gail McInnes: Dreamland is about fashion first and foremost, so I couldn’t leave evidence of that fact out of this list. Enter Gail McInnes. One of Toronto’s premiere bloggers and the director of Magnet Creative she is quite the busy bee. [/one_third] [one_third] There’s people that sh*t happens to and people that make sh*t happen, Gail without question is the latter.

7,) The Weeknd: Beloved by our cities crowned prince, (Drake), The Weeknd is the revival of R&B. Being that they are Toronto’s very own I feel compelled to title their style: Acidtechneosoul. Download their mixtape for free and see what I’m talking about.

6.) Forever Yonge: It’s a bit too North on Yonge for me to have ever found on my own, but thank God for the friends I did. I just got my seventh tattoo done there and I have to admit that it has quickly become my favorite. House artist Lance is a master of the craft.

5.) Cosmopolis: One of the city’s cover stories the other day was the fact that Cronenberg is home and filming. The man that made Videodrome here has returned with a stellar cast to create something new. I’m a movie blogger first… and I’m losing my mind!!! [/one_third]


4.) Bisogno: Not only does The Weeknd go there often, I go there daily. I literally will not buy my morning coffee anywhere else in the city. EVER! It is thee freshest cup of coffee available, and its offered with service unparalleled.

3.) Brandon Dwyer: A personal friend and a brilliant mind. This man’s eye for the female frame consistently makes me question how he is gay. Alas ladies he is male minded only, but you can buy your way into his heart by wearing his clothes over yours. Check out his label: Basch.

2.) David Versis: Another friend and another talented individual. I’ve covered every music move he’s made but he’s now expanded upon his creativity with a blog. In fact, it’s Versis’ blog that hipped me to The Weeknd in the first place.

1.) Dreamland: Yes I am that arrogant, but Dreamland is ALL Toronto! Our latest line is out so if you love our city we’re here to help you represent. [/one_third_last]





  • Anonymous

    Love this blog Jon.  I too love this city.  Sure, there’s randoms taking a leak at every corner but that comes with big city life.  Love the fact I can go get great Pho, watch Escape From New York, head to a great spot for cheap drinks and take the TTC/Go Train home until all hours of the night.  You just dont get that anywhere else in Ontario/Canada (other than Montreal etc).

    Great top 10.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks. Not really a permanent ten in, the sense I hope to add to it. One in fact I found thanks to Richie earlier today: http://www.nothin.ca/ Another Toronto based clothing company/blog. I have to get you some money as I want to order a t-shirt from there http://nothininc.bigcartel.com/product/men-s-new-street-cred-t-shirt <<< That shirt is a necessity! Speaking of which, I'm rocking a new Dreamland tee today to see Hangover 2 for MLatM… and maybe Shoeless after ;)

  • Anonymous

    What an awesome wrap up! – Great post man. I love these little one off’s that give me insight into the man behind the mask. You surprise me every time I read one of these. 

    • Anonymous

      Thanks. They are harder to come up with in a way as the are more of a traditional blog. I’m so caught up in my series that it takes some effort to get appropriately creative for the one offs… regardless they will happen weekly. Along with MLatM (going to see Hangover 2 for that today), and Pieces of a Story… first act wraps tomorrow night!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000583209773 Sabrina Camp

    lol you make me laugh jon.
    i love toronto too & your list is entertaining.
    thank you :)

    • Anonymous

      I know you love this city as well. There is still so much about it to blog about… funny how people hate me for never leaving it. I guess I’m still in my honeymoon phase here :)

  • Daviddarosa

    Dope Dope Dope! Great piece, and thanks for the shoutout big homie!

    • Anonymous

      @davidversis Glad you liked it. I just checked out your sneakers blog today… great work!

  • Chris Elliott

    What a great piece dude. I really dig how you listed everything that makes Toronto for you. Very personal piece, and for that I loved it! Great job slime! #slimelove

  • Luthie Lampa

    Awwww, thanks so much Jon!! I’m honored that I, well Bisogno, made your top ten! It’s people like you that makes all the hard work pay off:) I’m glad you decided to come in that one morning, and been loyal ever since. I as well love this city for many many reasons, and it was great to read your top ten reasons as why you do too. I’ve said this many times before but, you are an amazing writer!!!!! Just to clarify though, The Weeknd has been to the cafe only once, but hopefully it won’t be the last:)

    • Anonymous

      Don’t clarify… embellishment is always important :) Happy to hear you liked your coverage. 

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