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Tom Gist - For My Lady Friends

Tom Gist – For My Lady Friends (Mixtape)

I would like to give a big shout out to Tom Gist and Robert Early for coming through extra hard (pause) these past couple weeks. Just last Friday I was pleased to announce the Dat Piff release of Tom’s T.G.I.F offering and not 8 days later, I’m already announcing his newest mixtape (geared toward his “lady friends”) entitled For My Lady Friends.

This tape offers a softer, more vulnerable side of the lyrical giant, showcasing his romantic courting skills. Gist shines particularly well on the album’s intro (and self produced track)I Wanna Get Next To U.

Please hit this link and get a little closer to your special somebodies over the holidays.


You ain’t plain, you wanna be the Aviator.


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