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TMN: Defendor & Repo Men

When it came to my family’s movie collection let’s just say it was “vast.” Today many people have 100+ movies in their digital archives, but I can’t recall any as originally extensive as the Godfrey VHS Library. We had hundreds of videos arranged beautifully on a series of spinning shelves; a literal home-video-store with something for every taste.

I was charged with organizing the movies. Instead of ordering them alphabetically I would arrange them into genre based groupings. Their categorical brilliance was overlooked by the untrained eye, but to me the ever-adjusting accomplishment was a site to behold! Then came along the dreaded DVD! Book based filing became the preference, and all my work went to the wayside.

However, my love for genre based movie organization has returned with my TMN/MPix Subscription. To kick off this new slice of the MLatM I would like to discuss two Action/Superhero movies I watched thanks to this On Demand service.


One of the most original superhero movies I’ve ever seen, “Defendor” is the passion project of Canadian actor/director Peter Stebbings. Filmed primarily in Hamilton Ontario the film is the story of a man trying to make a difference.

The concept sounds familiar, but the execution is anything but. Arthur Poppington (Woody Harrelson) is a mentally challenged individual who finds strength in his alter ego, Defendor. Behind his black-mask he enters the night in search of his enemy “Captain Industry.” By day he returns to his menial job as ‘traffic control’ for a construction site. Throughout the movie he exists as the last of a dying bread; namely, a man honest enough to want and work towards change.

It’s hilarious, it’s endearing, and it is proudly Canadian.

***Repo Men***

Based on Eric Garcia’s novel, “The Repossession Mambo,” this movie shares one similarity with the above, (I.E. it was filmed in Southern Ontario). Otherwise it is a new age dystopian film about a man at odds with his job.

Remy (Jude Law) works for a futuristic corporation called “The Union.” His job is to repossess the organs his employers create from the bodies of those no longer able to pay for them. Following his newly found desire to find more morally worthy work Remy runs into trouble and is unwillingly equipped with a Union organ.

Caught between his want to end his murderous ways and his will to live, he goes after his employers in hopes of ceasing their controlling powers.

It’s got an amazing music scene starring the Rza, fight choreography worthy of Equilibrium, and one hell of an ending!


This blog may seem a sidestep from the regular MLatM fanfare. However, it is anything but. With my renewed focus to increase and improve this, my original blog series, I’ve decided to expand into Blu Ray and TMN coverage. This TMN piece is just an intro, think of it as another category on the shelves known as “my life at the movies.”


  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Christopher-Michael-Elliott/500513490 Christopher Michael Elliott

    Wow dude. This is awesome. I thoroughly enjoyed both reviews and the Godfrey Family movie story! ahahah I would LOVE to see it in person. I’m sure it’s definitely a sight to see. You’ve done it again Peter Pan! ahaha Shot outs to John Gerontzos!!! Love you slime!

    • Anonymous

      Well that library is long gone, and the DVD books are over in Utah and now being replaced by Blu Rays. Those days are distant memory now… but a treasured one. Writing about it really made a few moments tangible again.

  • Anonymous

    Saw Defendor, the film is super fun! Anything Woody is in, I’m on board…even Money Train! Also anything film in my hometown is a plus!

    Can’t wait to see Repo Men. Movie looks amazing, unfortunately it just slipped under a lot of peoples radars.

    Good calls on the flicks. Two movies I can really get into.

    • Anonymous

      Yes! Both are amazing… and I mean AMAZING! Furthermore the fact that both were filmed close to home adds credibility to our booming movie-making-market. You’re gonna love Repo Men. I’ve actually been thinking about it a lot lately and how clever it is, it takes awhile to sink in what a great experience that movie offers.

  • KWgirl

    Most of the library of VHS got donated to DI…the local Sally Ann here…how sad is that? I too remember ALL the VHS movies we had to choose from, they were so much more expensive than they are now. Anyway, LOVED Repo Man….I had no idea it was shot in Southern Ontario though.
    I haven’t heard of the other movie…will have to check it out….thanks for the tip:)

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