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Timex – Modern Original Collection

Timex is a brand that has been around for what seems like 1000′s of years. You’ve worn a Timex, your parents have… and probably still do. They offer something for everyone, for virtually ever occasion. This notion of versatility is what (I believe) permitted them their market presence for all of these years.

Whilst shopping tirelessly for the perfect summer watch, I have considered many options including Nautica, Casio and Nixon. However, Timex’s newest release has significantly narrowed my course of selection. Behold, the Modern Original Grande Classics collection.

Perhaps what I like most about these gems are their understated, simplistic and functional elegance. I have always looked for the “less is more” concept when purchasing a watch, and these timepieces certainly depict just that. Sleek leather bands, perfectly harness their oversized, but simple faces. The colorways are sophisticated and classic. Everything about this watch is classy, and for just $75.00 anyone can afford one. As I finish this blog, I will be leaving my house to go out and buy one.

If you don’t believe me, watch me… Get it… Watch… me. *Biggie Voice*

Get it…Two Pacs.

UPDATE - What you think… I’m not for reals?









Purchase one here, here, or even here.





































  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000583209773 Sabrina Camp

    i REALLY like this watch.
    might just go out & buy myself one.
    stay tuned ….

    • Chris Elliott

      Yes Sabrina! You should. The oversized watch look on a girl is amaze! You will dig it even more when you see it in person. My wrist is very happy right now :)  

      • Jorge_goncalves85

        hahah buddy, I have the exact same watch, next time we get together I’ll leave mine at home so you can have all the cred, lol Great article!

      • Chris Elliott

        ahahahah That’s amazing. You sir are a gentlemen. Good taste runs through our veins brotha! ahaha 

  • Anonymous

    you always get me spending flow you bastard!!!!

    • Chris Elliott

      My man! I’m glad you liked this. Such a dope watch. 

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