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Tim & Eric

As is the case with most things I like my brand of comedy goes beyond the borders of weird. I love the off-the-wall humor of Funny or Die, especially its HBO counterpart. In addition, I love me some good old “Unintentional Christian Humor.” Hey-zeus Christo’s flock are always offering up a chuckle. I also love the absurdity of Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim. Because nothing says, “bat-shit-crazy comedy” quite like those two.

For the uninitiated Tim & Eric are two Temple University graduates who took their higher learning to the lowest levels possible. In 2006 they found their way onto Adult Swim with the animated series “Tom Goes to the Mayor.” Following the situational hi-jinks of this simply styled cartoon they introduced their on-going series, “Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!” However, it was their limited series last summer that first introduced me to them. “Check it Out! with Dr. Steve Brule” featured John C. Reilly and the unforgettable skit affectionately known as, sweet berry wine.

Since then I’ve indulged in their mainstay. Awesome Show over the years has featured the likes of Danny Trejo, Marilyn Manson, and Zach Galifianakis. Although the show is impossible to explain I will nevertheless attempt to. It’s a sketch comedy donut filled with a series of odd disjointed shorts, and bookended by an ongoing rivalry between the hosts. Basically, you have to see it to understand it. Wait… the show makes absolutely no sense. LOL!

Anyways check out the videos attached and the link below. If nothing else, it’s certainly a brand of comedy you’ve never seen before :)

Tim And Eric: Official Website


  • Chris Elliott

    So glad you did a piece on these guys man! I fuckin’ love Tim & Eric! You should have included Spaghett though! ahahah He’s the best. 

    • Anonymous

      Glad I’m not the only weirdo who loves these two. That said, I can’t believe we haven’t conversed about their comedy previously. We got some topics on hand coming up! SLIME

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