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TIFF: The Parties

Being a Torontonian with a movie blog it goes without saying that Tiff is a must! The obvious aside, what may not be as logically blatant is the fact that this is my first year attending the festival. Yes, that’s right; this is my first time amidst the line-ups and late nights known globally as the Toronto International Film Festival. And just between me and you… it felt like a mix of the Blue Lagoon and Showgirls losing my Tiff virginity.

To continue on with the sexual innuendos, my Tiff “first base” was Entertainment Tonight’s after party for “Barney’s Version”. Having been blessed with a single ticket I arrived fashionably punctual, and awaited the celebs with a mix of nausea and anxiety. However, before I subjected myself to a lonesome evening of people watching, my friend Anastasia took me by metaphorical hand and garnered some introductions.

It was like being whisked away to Oz, (minus the cackling granny on a bike). First, I met Richard and Marc from “Toronto is Fashion”.  Fellow bloggers/photographers they blessed me with access to their red carpet photos, as well as a picture of myself on the same. Next, I met the lovely and talented Ms. Natalie Deane; a vivacious woman and the producer of ET Canada. Lastly, (after the lights went out due to a freak generator accident), I was blessed to meet “MTV Live” co-host Nicole Holness. Adorned in a yellow gown with white gloves, she looked class and was all laughs. Honestly, the girl had me in stitches with her behind the scenes tales and animated story-telling techniques.

A few days later I returned to ET’s rooftop location for the final day of their festivities. This time the celebrations focused on the Jay Baruchel feature “Good Neighbours”. I again was unable to mingle with the highbrows, but that mattered little as my boys were present. Suffice it to say that things got real “ Toronto ” underneath the stars that night. Meaning, my buddy Steve managed to both befriend handyman Mike Holmes, and serenade a Spanish fly with only a slice of his Filipino charm.

The celebs, the inside jokes, the stolen pillow… all in all my introduction to the Tiff party scene was both memorable and exhilarating. However, it must be said, Tiff is also about its vast selection of films. So be sure to stay tuned for part two of my Tiff series. “Tiff: The Movies”.


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