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Once there was man with the power of a thousand suns. Once there was a God King who threw him into one. Five years ago this once X-Men only fan became an Avengers aficionado thanks to a story known as Civil War. Still my favorite Avengers tale to date, that superhero brawler introduced me to characters I once thought lame and trivial.

Thor was one such character; the God King among men. During Civil War he was thought dead and clones were used to represent the fear his presence once promoted. In the re-launch of his self-titled comic book Thor and his kingdom, Asgard, were settled in Middle-America. Eventually Thor found his way back into Avengers continuity as the principal force against the evil armies of his brother Loki and the Green Goblin. Armed with the power of the Sentry the dark forces made ready to defeat the forces of good once and for all. The good won. The Sentry was buried in the sun that forged him by the honorable Thor.

I’ve been a comic book nerd for so long it’s hard for me to remember how unimportant they are to other people. Thanks to movies like the Dark Knight and Iron Man however, this uninterested group gets fewer in number every year.

Luckily I didn’t have to wait until the movies released in order enjoy the brilliance of Marvel comics. I was raised by a Trekkie, my mother, and she saw the value in my passion for comics very early on. Furthermore, she took me to the legendary Now & Then Comics whenever I had the money to dig for back issues. I love her for that. I love her for enjoying her time there just as much as me.

Thanks to my father I was raised on the movies of Kenneth Branagh. His favorite of all time is Henry V; however, I am more a fan of the romantic Dead Again. Kenneth Branagh is back with his biggest budget ever in Thor, and he returns on his investment with every frame. Up for a Golden Baby as Best Director he joins his lead actor and production designer with honored nominations. That makes three Golden Babies with the most memorable of the pack being Chris Hemsworth. He is Thor!

I highly recommend seeing this in theaters and enjoying the brilliant 3D. Be sure to stay past the credits for another Avengers sneak peak. Before I go I just want to shout out one of MLatM’s most supportive fans, my boy Micah. He named his first born Thor, and he is gonna be the coolest kid in school when he grows up thanks to the backing of this awesome movie. I also have a co-worker with a baby girl named Loki. Maybe I should play matchmaker, LOL!

Summer is here, be sure to enjoy its cinematic splendor every week here with me and my life at the movies.


  • Anonymous

    post it already! haha

    • Anonymous

      Hahaha! Trust me it’ll be worth the wait. Hopefully out by 11pm.

  • Jonathanleebrock

    Seriously dude…post it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.bonsu Joe Osei Bonsu

    Besides titles like X2, Iron Man and Spider-Man 2, Thor can now go on the list as one of the best Marvel movies of all time. This was a big winner when it came to action and character development. I also like the few Marvel references they through into the film. Can’t wait for THE AVENGERS to come out!

    • Anonymous

      Did you see the Journey Into Mystery billboard in the city? That was my personal favorite. For me I believe Spider-Man one to be the only movie better than Thor. However, time will tell which is best. I can’t wait for Captain America. The First Avenger. The Greatest Avenger.

    • Anonymous

      I agree Joe. I took my wife and we both loved it. As a comic-nerd I lost my mind. But in my “grown man” mode I was able to appreciate its mastery with my wife which made me really happy.

  • Anonymous

    This goes down in my Top 3 Marvel films of all time. Im still trying to figure out of this was 1st or 2nd. It takes time and maranation in order to fairl judge but this and Spiderman were amazing. Chris H is truly Thor, can you picture someone else as the God? NAH!

    I loved this movie so much tat im going back next weekend with Ritchie, you should roll!

    Great post as well, one of my favs.

    • Anonymous

      I may have to. What with getting to see Priest during the week I have the weekend open ;)

  • Anonymous

    I’m even more pumped to see this movie now. It’s number one on my list

    • Anonymous

      I highly recommend seeing it in Ultra AVX. If you get the chance to go down to Scotiabank or Queensway this is a movie worth the royal treatment. This and Water For Elephants really put Scotia back in the lead. That said, I’ll be back at TIFF & Varsity soon for some more classy fanfare.

  • Jonathanleebrock

    Awesome pal…. so I guess I should go see it now…. sold.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, considering your love for Game of Thrones you’re really going to love the court-life and adventure. The Frost Giants, Odinsleep, and tons more lore to eat up. Glad you liked it buddy. We gotta watch the next episode of GoT ASAP!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve never been a fan of the comic book Thor; what drew me into this one was the behind the scenes pedigree and my own interest in mythology. In any case, this one goes down as the most fun I’ve had a comic book movie since Iron Man, and this may surpass it simply for the presence of Loki. Chris Hemsworth definitely embodied the Norse thunder god, but Tom Hiddleston blew me away with his incredibly sympathetic and conflicted Loki. (He’s gotta be up for best support somewhere, ha!)
    Awesome blog, with great background material into your own Avengers/Thor history. I love Dead Again, too! Haven’t seen that one in forever. So glad to see Branagh back!

    • Anonymous

      I too am glad Branagh is back. I will always remember when I first saw him in his directorial debute, Henry V. His genius at demanding great delivery from complex line work was impressionable from the onset. I saw a lot of that in Thor. The jargon was loaded, but very understandable considering the performances he drew from his actors. I agree on HIddleston as well… looks like the original Avengers villain has a great actor to play him :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=500156332 Micah Holden

    So many good comments here, though I feel the need to interject but I will try to do it without stepping on toes :)

    I absolutely loved being a part of the maturation of relationship between Thor and Odin, it almost brought a tear to hear and see the atonement between father and son, after that son had paid the price for understanding what a God King must know.

    I also was thrown back in my seat at the visuals of Asgard, wow, finally a depiction of a place that I could see myself wanting to live for my afterlife, a most beautiful city, that is surrounded by the heavenly view of cosmos. I wish I had the words to describe my joy seeing that.

    Cheers Jon, thanks for a great review.

    • Anonymous

      So happy you liked it buddy. I also really enjoyed hearing your personal interpretation of the film. I know how close you are with the subject matter so its great to see the depth of that in words. Also, I agree on not only the amazing scene work built via the great cgi, but also the Frost Giants. They looked AWESOME!

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=500156332 Micah Holden

        You’re absolutely right, the cgi was spot on ! the giants did look amazing, as did all the fight sequences !

        I’m really happy with the great quality of acting (as mentioned by others) as it really did allow us the audience to really chortle, be apprehensive, and become emotional, as the film took us all on an adventure never to be forgotten !

  • http://twitter.com/sabrina_camp sabrina

    this was an awesome movie!!!
    and my first ultraAVX 3D was mind blowing :)

    • Anonymous

      Yes… I could tell. Every time Thor was shirtless you would swoon audibly, lol. THANKS FOR COMING BRI-BRI :)

  • Chris Elliott

    Awesome review dog. I really dig this movie, and I found it just as incredible as you described. 10/10 sir.

  • KWgirl

    Really looking forward to seeing this….I LOVE mythology and Kenneth Branagh is amazing as an actor so I can only imagine him as a director. I had forgotten about Now & Then…are they still around?

    • Anonymous

      I heard they went belly up after the original owner sold it. I hear though it is still running, and that the guys at Carry On may have taken it over. It was literally the first comic book store in Canada. That and it birthed one of the biggest comic book series of all time: Cerebus. Dave Sims worked there and got his start in the industry thanks to them. He is now a comic book legend :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Richard-Nelson-Kuhn-Villeneuve/591755322 Richard Nelson Kuhn-Villeneuve

    I know to much about the mythology and I spent most of my time at the theater criticizing the lack of content from the old tales. None the less, great movie, Odin, Thor, Loki, Yggdrasil, the rainbow bridge, heimdall, asgard, midgard, jotunheim, the jotun, and Thiassi ruler of the jotun were the only parts of the comic taken from the mythology. THERE IS SO MUCH MORE TO IT!!!! Anyways, great review, the perfect take to it because the movie was based off a comic book based off a mythology, not a movie based off of the mythology. My quarrel is with Stan Lee.

    • Anonymous

      Hahahaha, you can’t beef with Stan Lee! LOL! I feel ya though, but it is more akin to the comic books interpretation and legacy then it is to the original narrative. I actually think you would love that comic, it really is quite the read. It re-launched in 2008 I believe, and the first 12 issues were brilliant. I’ll have to lone you a few Thor comics to see what you think. Thanks for always reading Richie, it means a lot. 

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