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Third Quarter Wrap-Up

As the third quarter ends I’m reminded of the importance of that “fourth quarter push.” At the beginning of every year we give our hearts’ goals, and our ideals’ dreams to fulfill. When it comes to my movie blog I definitely made some lofty ones. First and foremost I gave myself the goal to see 100 movies, in the theater, by years’ end. Meaning: 100 different films on the big screen. Those seen at home have their own rewards, a part of which pertains to another goal of mine. I titled said goal, “The Golden Road.”

The Golden Road: After creating my personal awards series, “The Golden Babies” I realized that if I intended to give them greater legitimacy I’d have to work even harder on my twenty-eleven choices. The Golden Road is a series of awards to mark my progress, and they are four-fold: Best Theatrical Experience; Best Blu Moon Evening; Best Non-Tiff Festival; and of course, Best Blog. I’ll let the hyperlinks explain the stories behind each award for those that are concerned. For those who are not, onward with the updates!


The Best Summer Blockbuster: Though I loved TF3 and Columbiana, Harry Potter 7 Pt. 2 was definitely the clear winner.

Third Quarter “Golden Babies” Nominees:

Best Film: Tree of Life; Attack The Block; Drive; and Moneyball

Best Director:  Terrance Malick (Tree of Life).

Best Actor:  Brad Pitt (Moneyball); Ryan Gosling (Drive); Andy Serkis (Rise of the Planet of the Apes); Daniel Radcliffe (HP7 Pt.2); and Hunter McCracken (Tree of Life).

Best Score: Alexandre Despot (Tree of Life)

Best Documentary: Cave of Forgotten Dreams

Best Lighting: Tree of Life

It was certainly a golden summer in the cinema. Too bad I wasn’t as enthralled with TIFF this year. That said, Halloween’s ahead and with it all the gore. I’ve three months left to see the final 25 movies, and give the greatest of those Golden Babies. Here’s to hoping I make it, and enjoy it along with others. Here’s to The Adventures of Tin Tin, The Immortals, and the movies of the future. Here’s to the goals I intend to see through, and those yet to be made. Cheers to My Life At The Movies ;)


  • Chris Elliott

    I respect your opinions for this years Baby’s. Nice choice so far. I REALLY want to see Drive now. Very curious indeed. And Moneyball. Soooo many amazing movies this year, and it’s even more amazing that you saw 75 of them! Great work, Slime!

    • Anonymous

      Just got to 77 this evening ;) thx for the love fam!

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