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The Tourist

For nearly five months now MLatM has been a passion, a project, and a relief. Every week I force myself to find a new release, watch it, and interpret it using stories from my life. It’s been a journey — and like every journey — there are always some unexpected turns. This week’s movie was quite the bend in the road!

Most of the stories I utilize come to me while I’m still in the theater; a single scene will spark a memory and make it completely tangible. For a moment the sound, setting, and scene will refresh in my mind a slice of my history. One of those moments happened the other night.

I was reminded of a summer afternoon; a warm day on a patio with a beautiful woman. She told me that she loved me, (and despite the fact that I knew that already) it nevertheless came as a surprise. She was worried I wouldn’t understand; she was worried I wouldn’t believe her. To calm her worries I told her the truth, “I love you, and I’ll wait for you.”

This week I saw the movie “The Tourist,” starring two actors I can’t stand! Yet, I absolutely loved this movie. The premise is intriguing because it can’t be revealed. All I can say is that It’s an adventure-mystery; a film similar to The Tailor of Panama and Entrapment.

It isn’t the greatest script and the acting chops aren’t legendary, but it sure as hell is fun! Angelina wears some of the most impressive fashion items I’ve seen all year. Her peek-a-boo gloves and diamond choker are just two of the epic items she adorns. Furthermore, the filming done on site in Paris and Venice is breathtaking. To put it plainly… it’s eye candy that is easily enjoyed.

Not every movie is aiming for an Oscar. Not every movie is out to earn more than Avatar. Most movies are made to entertain, and The Tourist does so charmingly.

However, this movie is not just a beautiful break from the holiday stress; it is also reminded me of that afternoon. There’s a scene wherein Angelina’s character fawns over an heirloom her mother gave her, this is when said memory came to mind. The reason it came to mind was simple — it reminded me that what I said that summer afternoon is still true. I’m grateful for that and I’m grateful for my life at the movies :)


  • Anonymous

    Go Sony! We run this shhheeeeiiiittttt!!!!

    This and How Do You Know are GREAT films to watch over the holidays. Films that don’t take themselves TOO seriesly and don’t hurt the brain! I personally liked HDYK better but hey!

    • Anonymous

      Agreed! Sony has had an impressive year filled with impressive movies. I feel blessed to have been able to seen so many screenings these past months. Thanks big bro, and thanks for reading ;)

  • sabrina

    you’re making me wanna watch this now.
    impressive ;)

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