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The Tallest Man On Earth

I’m writing this week knowing full well that some of you will love this guy, while others will absolutely despise him. His name is Kristian Matsson, but performs under the mantra “The Tallest Man on Earth.” This 28-year old Swede is incredibly talented, and for those of you who give him a chance you will have yet another great addition to your iTunes library.

Why You’ll Love Him:

The folkiness. If you’re like me you enjoy listening to a man sing and play his acoustic guitar. That is the Tallest Man on Earth in a nutshell: One man, one guitar, and the occasional banjo or piano. There’s no band backing him up, (which I love),  because it aids his honesty and love for making music. Not to mention…

He’s the Reincarnation of Bob Dylan. I firmly believe the Tallest Man on Earth is our generation’s ‘Bob Dylan.’ Both of their voices are completely original, though Tallest Man has a greater range. Some people may be annoyed by their vocals, but you can’t deny the passion in every word they sing. Of course, Tallest Man isn’t exactly like Bob Dylan (don’t want to jinx the guy) but one can definitely see the similarities. In fact, Matsson makes a reference to Dylan’s song “Boots of Spanish Leather” in one of his own tunes, “King of Spain.”

His songwriting. I have to admit when I first heard Matsson’s music I wasn’t a huge fan of his voice, however, his lyrics kept me listening. He has this impeccable ability to utilize imagery in every one of his tunes. In “Love Is All,” he has a fantastic line, “Like a house made from spiderwebs and the clouds rolling in, I bet this mighty river’s both my saviour and my sin.” So genuine and creative, painting a magnificent picture for the listener.

Your inner hipster. Not many people know of the Tallest Man on Earth, so if you like to go around labelling yourself as a hipster get into this guy’s music. In fact, if you really want to show how hipster you are, call him by his real name “Kristian Matsson,” that will really impress people. And then when he gets too mainstream for you, stop listening.

Why You’ll Hate Him:

His voice. It takes a very open-minded person and a lot of listens to appreciate Tallest Man’s unique voice. Many will not be able to tolerate it because it’s so different and difficult to understand. As stated previously, it may also be a little annoying . Proof in point, when I first had his music playing a friend of mine walked in and proclaimed “turn this crap off, I can’t stand that guy’s voice!”

Not your style. Everyone has an opinion and this might not be your type of music. It lacks that iconic face-melting guitar solo and a really catchy chorus to scream out with your friends.

Too complex. Almost every one of his songs on his 2 LP’s (Shallow Grave and The Wild Hunt) have very complex guitar riffs or strum patterns that may be tough to follow. I know that turned me off when I had troubles trying to play along.

Repetitive. I have his entire discography (which is only 30 songs), and even though I’m a huge fan I can admit his sound becomes repetitive. His simplicity may make it difficult to keep the listeners interested. Thus, I expect Tallest Man to have some additional instrumental accompaniment on his next album.

Take a listen to the song included and let me know what you think. If you like it, check out his two full-length albums. If not, tell me what it was about him that you didn’t enjoy. I’m encouraging the haters to make an appearance! And once again, if you have any suggestions for an artist to cover give me a shout!


  • Anonymous

    Though I am not the biggest fan of folk I don’t mind the song included. Would I listen to it again? Probably not. Thus, I am interested to see what Chris has to say as this is more his style. Regardless I think this is a great find and I am glad you are continuously searching and sharing your discoveries. Keep up the great work my man. One day you will win me and my rap/electro taste over ;)

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ryan-Hancock/510667721 Ryan Hancock

      Thanks Jon. Exactly like I said, for some people, this just won’t be their style. I’m going to make it my goal to find something that you’ll like haha even though I know it will be very tough. Thanks again for the feedback!

  • Anonymous

    It took me about a week and over 30 plays of this song for me to start enjoying this artist. He’s an acquired taste for sure.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ryan-Hancock/510667721 Ryan Hancock

      Oh yeah, it’s definitely an acquired taste, glad you’re liking it now though!

  • Chris Elliott

    Dude, what a great piece! I loved the breakdown of love/hate. Very creative. I also think this is awesome stuff! I can totally see what you guys are saying about his strong Bob Dylan influence. I really dig it. Besides this song, I’d really like to check out some more of his stuff.  Great work sir.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ryan-Hancock/510667721 Ryan Hancock

      Haha I knew that you would like this guy Chris! Check out some of his other stuff, he gets even better. Thanks so much man!

  • Anonymous

    Dude what an awesome blog!  This stuff is really not my style but I’m the guy who “Doesn’t mind him”!

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ryan-Hancock/510667721 Ryan Hancock

      thanks again man! yeah he’s a talented guy and not everyone is going to like him, like you said, it’s just not your style

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