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The Phantom Menace

John Gerontzos: It’s been 12 years since last I saw the Phantom Menace. The only other time I watched the film was in theatre. Then, like many others, I sulked out of the cinema bitter with disappointment. In that moment I vowed to never watch the film again, boycotting Mr. Lucas’ and his failure of a follow up.  Fast forward to the here and now and read how time has softened my view.

September 27th, 2011: the release of the beautiful nine-disc –blu-ray-box-set, Star Wars: The Complete Saga. I ended my boycott, opened my arms, and was greeted with a warm embrace.

This film swept me away!  Here was a whimsical leadoff hitter.  Sure it didn’t hit a home run but it set up the sluggers with a solid single.  The cinematics were unbelievable!  Some of the CGI has aged but there are few pictures that look crisper. I was most impressed by the sound, especially during the Pod racing scene.  At half volume my stellar 5.1 Dolby Digital hummed with booming and complex audio play!

Once again I found myself lost in the world of Star Wars. Now I find myself anticipating Attack of the Clones.  It’s easy to judge. It’s better to enjoy.

Jon Godfrey: I saw the Phantom Menace in theatre five times. I was obsessed. I bought the Darth Maul figure, collected the characterized Pepsi cans, and just about any piece of merch available. The first go around I went with a lightsaber; the second I skipped class and saw it with my mother. Then I saw it again, and again, and yet again this past weekend at John’s house.

Tens of millions of colors spilled over the screen from the opening scroll to the closing credits. Lucas Arts’ transfer is majestic, and obviously so. This film, like the five others, is an example of what hard working fanboys can do. This is the company that laid the cornerstones for what we now know as the “summer blockbuster.” In seeing Episode One I’m again reminded of these facts.

I’m also reminded of the fact that the prequels are my favorite, and as John and I continue to cover this six-part saga I will explain why. Until then let’s not worry who shot first, Han Solo. Instead, let’s celebrate a series we can all discuss here at “My Life at the Movies.”


  • Anonymous

    Loved it man!  had such a fun time watching it.  It’s pretty rae for me to get swept up into movies like I used to when i was younger and this did it too me. Can’t wait for Attack of the Clones!

    • Anonymous

      Yes, it was awesome. Tomorrow we see the only one I missed in theaters. Can’t wait to see it done justice!

  • Claravaz1

    Ok hold on to your sabres. When I was in grade eight, I wrote a full book following the bounty hunter series that was put out. I was a Boba Fet lover. I saw The Return in grade seven and fell head over heels. I read all the books outside of the series and was absolutely in love. Can we say: Geek? The next three movies however, the latest ones that is, are crap. I’ve watched them and slept through them, been horrified and made horrified faces. Its all about the original trilogy. Period. 

    • Anonymous

      I very much disagree. However, in Star  Wars debates everyone’s personal opinion is kept sacred. So thank you for sharing yours :)  

    • Anonymous

      I felt the same way, especially about the first two of the three new ones but I was pleseantly surprised going into them again.

      It’s really tough because when you watch the orginals as a kid your opinion is much different then when you are an adult.  Things tend to take a “sacred” turn through the eyes and ears of babes!  I’m the same way, but again, really pleased with watching the first new one all over again.

  • Chris Elliott

    Great piece guys! Johnny, it’s so nice to have you back dude, and I really loved your take on how your opinion has softened and evolved. It’s nice when you’re humbled and you can really sit back and enjoy the things that really stand out about a project. I need to take that route more! ;)  

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