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The NBA Finals

This year we watched two teams rise in rank.  Critics had a hell of a time with the first; while the other shocked the West.  Now we wait to crown either the underdog or the dark dynasty.

It looks as though I chose the right horses in this hard-court race.  If you recall my original picks were Oklahoma City and Chicago.  But luckily I changed my mind at the onset of the conference finals. Along the way we lost our guest blogger, but he’s returned to bring us a look into this now historical matchup.

The History: Jon Godfrey

Five years ago the Mavericks and Heat participated in their first Finals. Texas and Florida went head-to-head for the crown in an oddly divided six-game series. In the end Miami reclaimed their state’s honor by succeeding where their brethren in Orlando failed eleven years prior. Co-Captain Wade was the anti-hero responsible for bringing the gold to the sands of South Beach. Averaging 34.6 points by series end there was no question he’d earned both the Larry O’Brien and Bill Russell trophies.

Coached by Lakers great Pat Riley, the Heat entered the Finals with a roster of seeming has-beens and never-will-be’s. His hopes rested in the offensive assault evident in Wade, combined with Shaq’s stoic playoff brilliance. Mark Cuban’s gun-slinging Mavericks were better rounded. Coached by Avery Johnson their roster boasted names like rookie upstart Josh Powell, veterans’ Jerry Stackhouse and Jason Terry, and all under the court control of caption Dirk Nowitzki.

Despite their more foundational fold the Mavericks were ousted by the cocaine cowboys of Dade County. Cuban cried foul, but whiners never prosper. In my humble opinion, the only good thing that came out of that series was a ring for my all time favorite player: Gary Payton.

The Prediction: John Gerontzos

That was then and this is now.

This matchup can go either way. The Heat have two dynamos in James and Wade, both of whom have proven to be constantly clutch, (thanks to a referee assist or two!)  In addition, the emergence of Chris Bosh offensively and (Canadian) Joel Anthony defensively has made this team almost unbeatable.  On the flip side their bench has been non-existent.  Only Udonis Haslem, (back from a season long injury,) has offered them a spark in the second unit.  Will all of these logged minutes be the Heat’s undoing?

The Mavericks have surprised every opponent they’ve faced. In my opinion their playoff performance is reminiscent of the 2003-04 Detroit Pistons. Their team passing is a joy to watch; each possession see’s the ball touch every team member’s hands. Team Defence has been both a shock and awe. Not as athletically gifted as other teams, their Help and Pressure should serve as the blueprint for squads like Toronto!  All that said this team could fall apart at any time. They depend on the three-ball entirely too much, and you get that feeling that players like Barea and Marion have played above their abilities for far too long.

So who will win?  As I said it can go either way, but my gut tells me this Miami Heat team won’t be beat.  When the game is on the line in the fourth quarter they have too many options.  Unfortunately the NBA tends to favour the loudest, and the James/Wade never shut their yaps!  Look for these guys to go to the charity strip an ungodly amount of times, getting the likes of Marion and Chandler in foul trouble over and over.

Prediction:  Miami wins 4-2

Don’t hate me because I went against the underdog and picked the Evil Empire!  From the get-go I’ve thought this team had the balls to take it all the way, even if they are a bunch of prima donna spoiled athletes!

See you at the Winner’s Circle.


  • Anonymous

    And to those who like the super group Karmin check out their official NBA commercial!!!!!!  JEAH!


    • Anonymous

      I’m sticking with The Mavericks… stubborn pride. I don’t want the Lakers to have lost in the end to the runners-up. GREAT WORK otherwise, your first NBA playoffs coverage… skies the limit. I really see your growth here since the NFL playoffs. Keep at it. I’ve always knew you were a genius with game knowledge, slowly the world will see that. Again… disagreeing on the Miami thing though. Bun those Batti Boys!

      • Anonymous

        Thanks man, it was a labour of love!

        As proof positive in last nights game the Mavs cannot have a poor shooting night or they will lose.  Miami didnt even play that well (just their defense and a few clutch moments from the big 3) and they won.  Dallas needs to come a bit better offensively.  Their zone worked pretty well on D though.

  • Sharlene

    Tough call – Kudos to you for having the balls to put your predictions in writing! Thinking you may be right but keeping my fingers crossed that you’re wrong cause I love Dallas!

    • Anonymous

      Let’s hope the series goes more than 4 games!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000583209773 Sabrina Camp

    i think the ‘evil empire’ is gonna take it too.
    just say’in

    • Anonymous

      I feel that.  Its 1-1 now, game 3 is big!

  • Chris Elliott

    Bron-Bron all the way! I just like the heat, because the few times I actually catch a game, I can see Khaled and Stunna on the woods. http://www.rap-up.com/2010/11/18/lil-wayne-catches-heat-in-miami/ BAM!!

    • Anonymous

      BOO! Cue the Clipse… cause I ain’t having to Heat love here! LOL!

    • Anonymous

      After last nights game it’s going to be a series!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ryan-Hancock/510667721 Ryan Hancock

    I’m not a huge fan of basketball but I follow it as much as I can. Last night’s game was probably one of the most exciting games I’ve seen in a while. So happy to see the Mavs pull off a crazy comeback. Interesting to see how the rest of the series turns out.

    • Anonymous

      Well get ready for tonights game then!  It’s big!

      I REALLY want Dallas to win, I like this team a lot actually.  I relate personally to their style of play.

      Thanks for reading Ryan, much appreciated!

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