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The Love Blog Pt. II

Love is contrast, the perfect blend of color. For many it is mud, too much of anything will make it so. Perhaps I’m just insane and insist on writing down my crooked genius. Mad as I am I like my love the same, Crazy. Because when was any great love sane? Once upon a time I wanted to know what love was, so I asked myself the question. The response came with a cost that nearly took my life. Yet, I do not regret the undertaking. I would never mark myself a man if I did not at least inquire. The answer is as follows…

First, ask her for her name. The name of that woman with a quality you cannot explain. A step I know my father took, my brothers took the same. The women in their lives are evidence that there is something in a name. After learning the word you must next learn wisdom, and this is far from instant. Fools rush in, honeymoon’s end, and hearts break from discontent. The unexpected happens, and life has its demands. For it may ask you to let go of that thing you’re not sure if you can. And for me forgetting that word was a pill hard to swallow.

The word, a name that echoed in my soul. I tried to turn the letters into an equation I could solve. It seemed conceivable that love carried with it logic, and in such sense there was a key. With it the locks would open, and the chains would fall away. With a turn and twist I figured that my love for her would fade. Ignorance is bliss, and bliss is a passing trend. For there were no locks, nor keys or chains, it was all illusion in the end. I was out of my depth, and asinine to assume she was an error to correct.

For truth be told she was not the problem at all. It was in believing there was one, that somehow love could be an issue. That there was something wrong with the fact I loved you, meant it, and missed you. The problem was that I wrote this series to the clouds, and asked the stars for answers. Consulted with my friends and never stopped to ask her… never stopped to ask you if you missed me too. The response though unprovoked, like love, came so out of the blue. Or better yet the amber, for that color better states the style of its effect.

Impressionable and lasting, but such descriptives will not suffice. Superlatives such as eternal encapsulate it right. For what was wrong is over and my inquisition through. I am back at the beginning where I don’t analyze what’s true. I’ll let it be so, let us be us, and settle in the spoils. My word count is almost up, with these last I offer you my love. It beats beneath your chest, stirs within your spirit. Bellows through every breath, in every word I hear it. Though it’s made me mad, great love was never sane. Ana bahabik my dear, and I pray it never change.


  • sabrina

    so nice!

    • Anonymous

      Thx Bri-Bri.

  • Jonathanleebrock

    Whenever I read a love blog all I think about is my girl!

    • Anonymous

      And both of you were mentioned therein ;)

  • Chris Elliott

    Full circle. Very satisfying piece to read. I’m so glad that things are going well again. It’s nice to hear about a triumph of this magnitude, especially after all that was endured.

    • Anonymous

      It has been a bit full circle, in a sense. In reality, it’s been a series of necessary lessons. I’m just so happy she’s back. 

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