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The Lost Art of Killing

On August 1st, 1981 MTV hit the airwaves; on October 10th, 1981… I was born. Thus, the advent of the music video has always been with me. Not only has cinema been condensed and beautifully scored thanks to this art form [e.g. Thriller], it has also found its way onto the big screen.

Many famous directors were former music-video-makers (a la Michael Bay); and many music videos have found their way into movies. Take the “Train” sex scene in Risky Business as an example. The beautiful Rebecca De Mornay begins the scene by tantalizingly whispering, “I wanna make love on a real train.” The two lovers thereafter escape to the tracks whilst Phil Collins plays in the background. Then, at the perfect moment… the train clears, Tangerine Dream kicks in, and you have yourself the Best Sex Scene in cinematic history. Add that category to my Golden Babies!

Today a social networking friend of mine/Greatest rapper on the triple-w dropped his latest music video. Killer Reese, one half of King Fantastic, is back trending on Twitter with his teammate DJ Troublemaker.

Not only did they bring another album track to the world of “music videos,” they also brought the music video to the movies. Finger Snaps and Gun Claps very own “The Lost Art of Killing” now shares hallowed halls with “Why? Where? What?” ~ Sound like a lot of crazy jargon? It Ain’t.

To put it more clearly, a song about the joys of a justified psycho has been brought to the silver screen. Grandma’s Boy director Nicholaus Goossen heads the project, and the strategic geniuses over at Space 150 produced it. Styled as a “Mad Men” meets “Let Me In” family friendly slasher, it’s hard not to love it.  Hell, it’s hard not to recognize the fan service movie buffs and music fans alike are receiving here.

I have to say my favorite scene is the “Chloe Moretz” inspired kill scene. There, in a dusk filled alleyway, the meat is prepared for serving. Furthermore, if you want to be served up yourself, [Click Here].

Alas, we come to a close, but before the credits roll I would like to thank this deranged-duo for bringing the first music video to my life at the movies.

The Lost Art Of Killing:

Director – Nicholaus Goossen
Director of Photography – Harris Charalambous
Editor – Nicholaus Goossen
Producer – Sean Madaras
Executive Producer – space150

Associate Producer – Hollyrock
Associate Producer – Futuristic Films
First AD – Mike Thompson
Art Director – Andrew Beckman
Art Director – Ryan Martinez
Art Department – Kate Mitchell
VFX and Online – Amber Navarrete

Stylist – Josh Madden

Starring – Killer Reese One, Ida Ljungqvist (PMOY 2009), Heather Rae Young (Miss February 2010), Lollypop Howie, J-Logic, Matthew Mogol and Quinn Spilsbury


  • Anonymous

    Glad you came correct with this one brother! The research was epic, didn’t know the director did Gramma’s Boy! FRESH!
    I must say, since you intro’d me to the @kingfantastic group it’s been love at first download. These guys bring a music label vibe with a street consistency reminiscent of my first foray into rap music with Ruthless Records and Eazy-E.
    The videos….wow. Being such a Horror Movie and Horrorcore head that I am this one was PERFECT. We have a hard west coast track about about gettin’ at these fools, we have beautiful HD aesthetics, we have a horror movie vibe reminiscent of Let Me In and we have Playboy bunnies lookin’ like the perfect Bonnie to Reese’s Clyde! Unreal.
    There is no way #BrothaLynchHung could have brought the meat home like this! (real heads know what I mean)!

    • Anonymous

      Months ago, thx 2 #AOTS I was introduced to @kingfantastic ~ I gotta thank them for that, as I’d definitely been missing some good West Coast Gangsta Rap in my music collection. Reese and Troublemaker literally have one of the most creative musical ideas I’ve ever stumbled across… that and they are the most ambitious music video makers out… PERIOD! I was stoked for this video to drop, but it far surpassed my expectations, so much so that it became the first music video worthy of being considered a movie (for me). This is why I love the internet… for artistic greats such as these.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Christopher-Michael-Elliott/500513490 Christopher Michael Elliott

    What a fantastic video and blog to compliment it. Shot outs to King Fantastic for putting my girlfriend in their last music video.

    I love how you set the stage with the Risky Business reference. Dope shit.

    • Anonymous

      Dude… best sex scene ever! So glad we went to HMV yesterday to scour for some Tangerine Dream! Great night, can’t wait to release the team-up blog on Johnny Cash!!!

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