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The Hunger Games

The title speaks for itself. By now, if you haven’t seen this movie… You will still have to fight crowds to get a seat – and for good reason! Everyone that knows me, is aware that I am not an advocate of any sort of fantasy movie, book or otherwise. My ultra-realistic mind simply will not allow such outlandish contexts and outrageous characters. However, that very fact may be the reason I was so enthralled with Lionsgate films’ newest blockbuster smash hit The Hunger Games. The end of civilization as we know it, could very well come in this generation! With so much rhetoric involving 2012 and the apocalypse, the thought of the end of existence is a very real thought continuously haunting our sense of being.

Director Gary Ross did a fabulous job depicting the utter terror that resulted from the film’s fantastical post-apocalyptic world. The underlying tone of the script and plot-line was much deeper than the wounds sustained by the main characters. Simply put – loss of control is what truly caused the district’s children so much discomfort. The right to choose… to live, was swiftly taken from them every time the “Tributes” raffle was held.

The film’s evil ringleaders played by the likes of the iconic Elizabeth Banks, the dazzling Stanely Tucci, the diabolical Wes Bentley and the ever powerful Donald Sutherland left the audience chilled with shock. Each of them mirrored the portrait of a sociopath, effortlessly deciding the fates of the game’s Tributes. Fairy-Godmother-like roles played by Woody Harrelson and Lenny Kravitz provided both comic and emotional relief in the midst of the grim plot. Both actors displayed stunning performances, each adding their own element of charm and charisma. As for the main stars, the natural and organic love displayed between Jennifer Laurence and Josh Hutcherson made this movie all the more engaging. Their acquired affection for one and other provided another layer of depth to this compelling story.

If you can get past the tween-filled line ups and the stigma of being interested in a movie based on a children’s book, it would be in your best interest to indulge in this stunning piece of cinematic art.

May your future be filled with eye-popping costumes, tangible characters, frightening themes…. and may the odds ever be in your favor.



  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ryan-Hancock/510667721 Ryan Hancock

    Another solid piece man, agreed with everything you said. I read the book about a week before I saw the movie, and it was a great adaptation. The movie really brought to life everything in the book. I think a lot of people go into this movie expecting child warfare but you really can’t show that much violence with a PG-13 rating. Regardless, I loved the film. The whole idea of that apocalyptic world just really interested me.

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