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The Hangover 2

Lately I’ve felt as though the weight of the world has been resting on my shoulders. It is little wonder why I enjoy outlets such as comic books. Heroes like Scott Summers, Steve Rogers, and Nathan Dayspring have helped me bear the weight. Though I’ve never fought for my species, country, or future I have fought endlessly with depression.

Aging affirms that there is nothing that can be prepared for. Life is not only filled with the unexpected, but also the unwanted. Pain, loss, and disappointment abound. Too often the best days are ruined with the worst news. True love is spoiled by stubborn pride; and friendships are frustrated by truths too hard to share.

Happiness becomes harder to find with each passing day, and the thought that it is forever gone is easy to entertain. What does one do when this onslaught of negativity assaults the psyche? I don’t know. These are the things that pile upon my back and pressure me into my Atlas like pose. I don’t know how to make life easier, but I do know how to steal a smile.

With no dream job to brag about; no assets to flash for laughs; and no accomplishments out of the ordinary I settle for escapes more common. Movies are certainly amongst the most important, and The Hangover 2 was a recent egress worth considerable mention.

Like so many other films as of late the critics spit on it while the fans embraced it. I’ve enjoyed seeing this dichotomy play out all year long. It’s been interesting to see the divide between those paid to see movies and those who pay to see them play out. Though I’ve been sparsely sympathetic with the critical community’s choices, I’ve found more excitement sharing in the joyful experience of the everyday crowd. Just like Pirates 4 I had a blast laughing along with the Wolfpack while watching the second Hangover.

I wasn’t the only one either. Having broken some serious financial records Hangover 2 brought the joys of drug dealing primates and tiny Asian penises to a big percentage of the populace. Furthermore, it’s secured an additional sequel and a lot of new lines/moments to recite and re-enact among friends. Like the films troubled leads this movie has calmed the stresses of life through the simplicity of humor. Also, its outstanding soundtrack has certainly earned itself a Golden Babies nomination.

Though the weeks still weigh on me, I’m grateful for weekend releases like this that make the race to Friday after five worthwhile. With X-Men First Class and Midnight in Paris up next the future has some sweet spots in store for me and my life at the movies.


  • Anonymous

    So stoked to see this movie. Awesome take on how comedy can help battle the blues!

  • Anonymous

    With no time in the forseeable futher I’m sure I’ll have to buy this on blu ray.  Can’t wait though!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000583209773 Sabrina Camp

    this movie was hilarious!
    bradley cooper was also a hottie ;)

  • Anonymous

    What surprises and impresses me most about the Hangover movies is just how dark they actually are. I tend to remember just the funny and incredibly silly parts and then I rewatch and remember just how demented the whole situation really is – it’s rather cathartic to see these guys get into these ridiculous and sick situations and know that how ever bad things might be, at least I don’t have amnesia in Bangkok. Sorry to hear you’ve been in a dark place yourself, but movies are always a good refuge to disappear into. Don’t let life get you down – you’re one of the more awesome people I know and I know things will get better.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Gwen. I agree, and I find in the new Hangover that the dark nature of the film is discussed. I saw this trend start in the first, and explode in Phillips Due Date (which I loved). It has carried over into this Hangover sequel, and I really find it a new kind of comedy. Something extremely cathartic and refreshing. 

  • Chris Elliott

    Time will tell dude. I’m hearing terrible things about this movie, and mostly through people I talk to; not just critics. But, that said, I still really want to see it. I’m a big fan of these 3 guys, and that, predictable script and over-indulgent acting aside, is enough for me to check it out. 

    • Anonymous

      Your friends sound like douchebags! LOL! Seriously, I fail to see how this movie is not hilarious. You have to be a cold dick in hell to hate The Hangover 2!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Ryan-Hancock/510667721 Ryan Hancock

    Awesome post man! I still haven’t seen Hangover 2 yet but I’m now kind of excited to check it out. A comic book reader eh? We have lots in common my friend, so excited for First Class!

    • Anonymous

      Saw first class and blogging about it tomorrow. If you love the X-Men it’s not gonna be as great as it will for those that have no interest in the comic. I’ll keep you posted… and yes Hangover 2 is a great flick. SUPER FUNNY!

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