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The Golden Babies: 2010

In October I knew that the MLatM awards were inevitable, and since then they have become something incredible. After seeing nearly every Oscar worthy performance in 2010 I feel confident in my choices and creation. You see, just like the blog that bred this award ceremony, so too are the trophies a new take on an old craft.

The Golden Babies: Yes, the Golden Babies! The reason behind this seemingly wacky name for this seemingly wacky idea is simple: passion projects are like children. Furthermore, passion projects are exactly what I’m concerned with here. So the Golden Babies, awards given to those who birthed, raised, and loved the work they did this past year.

Only 10: Yes, only 10 Babies! Though I am willing to consider every category that the Academy does, I am not willing to give every category an award. Meaning, the ‘top ten categories’ I feel have clear cut winners will be those that are awarded as such. So without further ado, and in no particular order, THE GOLDEN BABIES!!!

Best Picture: The Fighter

Best Foreign Film: Deep in the Woods

Best Animated Feature: Tangled

Best Original Score: Daft Punk for “Tron: Legacy”

Best Screenplay: Aaron Sorkin for “The Social Network”

Best Lighting: Drew Davidson for “Tron: Legacy”

Best Supporting Actor: Christian Bale for his role in “The Fighter”

Best Supporting Actress: Dale Dickey for her role in “Winter’s Bone”

Best Actress: Chloe Moretz for her role in “Let Me In”

Best Director: Christopher Nolan for “Inception”

I’m sure many of you will disagree with not only my selections, but also with the awards I left out. With that said I offer the following explanations.

No movie garnered a greater emotional response from me than “The Fighter,” and of all the animation it was “Tangled” that resurrected my childhood. Tron: Legacy houses one of the greatest scores I’ve ever heard, and Aaron Sorkin wrote the s**t out of “The Social Network.” Not since Akira have I loved a foreign film like I did “Deep in the Woods,” it still haunts me. Christopher Nolan defined ‘Passion Project’ with his game-changer “Inception,” and Chloe Moretz became my favorite interpretation of Dracula. Christian Bale was an exceptional scene-stealer… and Dale Dickey entered my life with a small but exceptional role.

Lastly, there is Drew Davidson and his lighting team on “Tron: Legacy.” Why lighting? I love being asked that question. Why Not? Isn’t a picture just manipulated light? If so Dale Dickey is a master manipulator, because beauty was retold in one of history’s greatest sequels: Tron:Legacy ;)

So that’s it. The Golden Babies. We laughed, we cried, we made it. There was that story about me getting my ass kicked, and memories from Africa. Hermione grew up and a legend passed away. I struggled towards success, I left a movie early, and relived some past transgressions. Had a great time with friends, talked about being raised in a video store, and I actually did hate one movie! There was Amanda Kieswetter, Mr. McCarthy’s art class, John’s Wedding, a haunted house, a famous arcade, and my childhood nightmare, lol. Oh, and there was love, LOTS-OF-IT ;)

It has been, and will remain, My Life at the Movies.


  • Anonymous

    UHHHHH! There it is! The Golden Babies! Even better than the Oscars! And like the Oscars I agree with 50% of your picks! Ah well!

    I know how hard you’ve worked this year, congrats playa. 2011 is on!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks big bro. I literally worked so incredibly hard on this project it that it all just came to me today. It was literally my life at the movies. Past and present I learned/talked about so much and saw so much doing it. I’ve never been a bigger fan of film then when I finally did what I dreamed and started dedicating my time to it. Shit man I cried thinking about it. My Life at the Movies has been amazing, and this coming year is bound to be crazier with what’s on I deck. I love you, Chris, and Brian for this. For Shar, Adam, JLB, Amanda, and everyone that came along for a flick. Happy Golden Babies Everyone!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=509428908 Clara Vaz

    I would go with Despicable Me for animated, Fighter for best picture but Natalie Portman (still) for best actress. How dare you deny her. :D But, um, who is best actor??? Avoiding that one are we?

    • Anonymous

      Yes there is no best actor this year, and you knew that Natalie wasn’t getting the award, lol. I’ve literally being dying to give Chloe Moretz the award, Let Me In was the movie that inspired the awards idea after all. I saw most of Despicable Me… had to leave early, but Tangled was so great, it brought Disney back for me. Got the 2nd Double Feature dropping Friday/Saturday!!! Yo where is Blue Valentine playing? I checked Varsity and nothing.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Christopher-Michael-Elliott/500513490 Christopher Michael Elliott

      Yes Clara! I fully agree. Natalie MUST win the Oscar, and she should have also won the Golden Baby!

      • Anonymous

        Disagree…. ya’ll didn’t even see Let Me In. HATERS!!! HAHAHAHA

    • Anonymous

      I really feel Natalie deserves it. Let Me In was the most under-rated (and under-watched with no money at the box office) movie of the year, loved it! But Natalie was spectacular. It’s between her and home girl from Winter’s Bone for Oscar but I think Annette Benning may take it.

      • Anonymous

        I love your take cause we saw Let Me In together. You knew though I was going with Chloe… I absolutely loved her performance, she was Dracula! That and her feet… I still think about all those weird foot scenes.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Christopher-Michael-Elliott/500513490 Christopher Michael Elliott

    I don’t agree with many of these picks, although this (other than the original love blog) was your masterpiece. This was such an amazing idea and I think you carried it out very well sir. Great job. Applause. Encore. Can’t wait the for 2nd annual Golden Babies!

    • Anonymous

      That was the point. They are not thee awards, they are mine. I was willing to dedicate an insane amount of time and effort to movies and an idea that I feel very comfortable saying my choices award merit. However, I again say that they are thee awards. They are a matter of defense which is equipped as such. I love this blog! I love my pix! And closing a year to start another was an amazing feeling. PS what did you think of the hyperlinx?!?!?!

  • Yasmine F

    I agree with the Lighting pick… 100%! I’m all about the Master Manipulators!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000583209773 Sabrina Camp

    i love the picture of the men clapping right after you wrote who the winners are.
    PERFECT positioning ;)
    it has been a pleasure reading your MLatM blogs throughout 2010.
    and i look forward to the movies i’ll read about (and see with you) in 2011.
    good job jon.
    mad love <3

    • Anonymous

      I’m glad you liked it, and yes the pictures were placed and picked with care. You were actually in attendance for one of the Golden Babies, Best Animated Feature “Tangled.” John, Adam, Shar, and JLB. Adam definitely saw the most though.

  • Alessandra Colella

    Love it Jon! I just need to go out and watch half these movies, I have only seen Inception and Social Network out of the entire list. I better put my Cineplex gift cards to good use!!
    I’m surprised no winners for Harry Potter 7 Part 1? Or are you saving it for Part 2!! ;) Either way my love and appreciation for movies has grown since we’ve met and I cant thank you enough! Keep up the good work, Ill be reading MLATM 2011. xo

    • Anonymous

      You are my fav at times Alessan :)

      Although I adored HP7 it didn’t win me over enough to earn a Golden Baby… HOWEVER, David Yates has become quite the director. Having signed on for 5-7 (the hefty/dark books) he has offered fans a great retelling for the screen that is sure to culminate in one hell of an ending. I didn’t understand his approach at first, but now I can’t get enough of it. His foresight is incomprehensible, a trait that J.K. is a certified master at. Furthermore, if there were an award for hottest starlet there is no question Emma Watson would get it. I <3 her!

  • Micah_holden

    Jon, love the golden babies ! great way to pay homage to all those who got behind a great vision and put their sweat, blood, and tears of joy into it. I’ve got to admit I too am tired of all those pointing out the flaws of the diamond, rather than celebrating the diamonds intricate beauty. Thank you for painting a beautiful portrait of the gems of last year.

    ps. I’m going to see Tron legacy, in IMAX 3D tonight ! ! ! /me is stoked !

    • Anonymous

      You literally captured the spirit of MLatM and the Golden Babies with that comment. Everyone is a critic, and no one is creative. I have made it my mission to enjoy my life at the movies, and with every show and every blog I do exactly that. Thanks for supporting every step my man, lots of crazy stuff happening in this column for 2011!!!

  • KWgirl

    Best actor should go to Colin Firth in “The King’s Speech”. Absolutely incredible movie. He literally had you believe he WAS King George VI. If you haven’t seen it…RUN to your nearest theater!

    • Anonymous

      I saw The King’s Speech mom, before you… sheesh! LOL. I love Colin Firth, I loved him even more in “A Single Man.” However, as the rules stipulate, this is the TOP 10 CATEGORIES, and each category has to have a CLEAR CUT WINNER. I didn’t think the actor category had a clear cut winner this year. It was full of numerous great performances. Colin Firth, Mark Wahlberg, and Leonardo Dicaprio are all actors that lead really successful movies. Yet, none was a dominant choice in my mind. That said, I do agree he, and that movie were amazing.

      • KWgirl

        I loved Dicaprio as well in Inception, I haven’t seen the Fighter so can’t critique Mark Wahlberg. I thought Dicaprio was great & Inception was amazing. That being said, Colin Firth had quite a task before him. To make the character Bertie stutter and not make you want to shoot him and to do it naturally was a huge undertaking. He endeared himself to the audience but most importantly you saw how much he grew throughout the film. I think when you can draw the audience in and make them truly believe you are the person whom you are portraying, and you want to see more, there is no higher praise. I love this concept you have of the Golden Baby Awards…good job! My vote still goes to Colin Firth:)

      • Anonymous

        Great campaign mom! You really proved your point and I completely agree. Colin Firth and Vincent Cassel are my fav actors out right now. See Tom Ford’s beautiful melodrama “A Single Man.” I think you’ll enjoy it as Colin Firth is brilliant in it. Check the blog on it by searching “A Single Man” on the site, or just scroll through the blogs in the MLATM section.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=796832563 Connor Sziklasi

    Obviously, I disagree with a lot of these selections, and for good reason. “Inception” had no competition as far as I’m concerned (greatest film I’ve seen to date IMO). Toy Story 3 was the most sensational animated film I’ve ever seen. 2010 was a great year for films, but that great year does not belong to The Fighter. However, great choice with Christian Bale there.

    If you had done “Best Actor”, should have been James Franco for 127 Hours.

    Inception had the best score, as Hans Zimmer delivered once again.

    I’ve still got a few films to watch though, but thus far, that’s my opinion. I will definitely respect your opinion, yet I am dumbfounded that you chose The Fighter.

    • Anonymous

      I loved Zimmers score, and it was a lead for the longest time in my mind for Best Score. However, Daft Punk’s effort is more ambitious and groundbreaking, and because of that it is more memorable. I bought the score I loved it so much, I challenge anyone to say the same, that they in fact bought the score they loved. Furthermore, Tangled, being the first true 3D movie from Disney Animation Studios, and the 50th movie in the over 70 year old company, truly set a new standard. By bringing back the true Disney style, and not the current sidetrack of Pixar. Now don’t get me wrong, I love Pixar, Wall-E is one of my favorite movies ever. Nonetheless, Pixar is a venture and not real Disney. Tangled was the return of the singing Princess movie… and I loved it.

      The Fighter is the best movie of the year. It is honest American cinema at it’s best. A combination of art house emotion and big picture ambition — it really dominated the screen. Wahlberg in playing a strong and silent lead really allowed for great supporting performances to fill out the space left in the ambiance that is the script. It had peaks and emotional valleys like no other film, and it was based on a true story, closely! That is inspiring, and the project was excellently executed. It, for me, is exactly what movies are all about: scoring life to the silver screen. I loved Inception, I saw it 4 times in the theater, (and kept my tickets as souvenirs). I think Nolan was Best Director and I awarded him as such. However, I found it to be more of Nolan’s brilliance than a fully realized project. That is to say it was ‘his baby,’ whereas The Fighter was something for us all. I hope that all makes sense.

      Hundreds of hours in the theater, researching, and writing went in to this project. Every choice was carefully selected. It wasn’t perfect though, and comments like these help me flesh out how much more ambitious I need to be for next year. Thanks for the challenge me man… Trust me I’ll rise to it and beat it ;)

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=796832563 Connor Sziklasi

        The Fighter is the best movie of the year in your opinion. I can guarantee that it won’t win much at the Oscars though, and doesn’t win in my books either. I just don’t see eye-to-eye with your take on the film. In my mind, it was just another boxing film. Cinderella Man was much better.

        Haven’t seen Tangled, but Toy Story 3 was amazingly entertaining from start to finish, and I would be shocked if I enjoy Tangled more.

        As far as the Tron Soundtrack, I thought it was nothing special at all. So much hype for nothing, and I’m not really a Daft Punk guy in the first place.

        Regardless of the circumstances of a film, (50th movie by a company; based on a true story; headed by the director on all fronts) all that really makes the film great is the final product on the screen. After all, that’s what we’re judging in the end.

        Anyways, cheers to a great year in film!

      • Anonymous

        Maybe not my man, but it did win the Golden Baby! That much is for sure.

      • Anonymous

        It’s a shame you guys are forgetting about The Social Network! It is a great year for film though. The Fighter, Inception and Social are all amazing films.

      • Anonymous

        I agree with that statement John, I have ignorantly been glossing over Social Network. For a long time, as you know, it was the leader in the Best Picture category. I think it will actually win the Oscar as it has won nearly every award leading up to them thus far. Furthermore, I ignorantly overlooked Jesse Eisenberg’s incredible performance therein. The kid has a long career ahead of him. Justin Timberlake’s campaign for the Oscar’s has also been enjoyable and refreshing, and he does garner attention. Fincher is divine for his work, and Sorkin actually got a Golden Baby. One thing about the blog is I never get to say everything about these movies that I would like to. However, thanks to you, Connor, and everyone else I have been pushed to ;)

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=796832563 Connor Sziklasi

        The Social Network was REALLY well done, and had an amazing soundtrack, but I think the nature of the story (anti-climactic) is the reason that it wasn’t exactly a film that could throw something new at the audience. But, it’s definitely a good film!

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  • http://twitter.com/g_gryffyn 그웬 (Gwen)

    Wow, I haven’t seen a whole slew of these yet. But I’m happy with your inclusion of Inception and Christopher Nolan. For me, last year was the year of Inception and I’m slowly and surely putting together something about Nolan and the threads between all his movies. I haven’t seen The Fighter yet, but as you know, Christian Bale’s my guy and he deserves anything and everything in the awards department. I’ll see it soon. Haven’t seen your foreign flick pick, Tron, or Winter’s Bone. I did see Let Me In, and though the film was a little too intense for my liking, Chloe was definitely creepily amazing. Anyway, nice idea, nice awards and great justifications. Looking forward to see what might make your noms this year. The Oscars were surprisingly disappointing for me this year.

    • Anonymous

      I agree on the Oscars, it was played too politically. Tonight I am dropping a piece called “25 Cents In.” It’s my first quarter wrap up and includes this years nominees so far. So happy you are enjoying MLatM and the Golden Babies. This year I am including a journey to the Golden Babies via updates I refer to as “The Golden Path.” You would have seen a picture of such in “The Adjustment Bureau” blog. I think you’re gonna love this more and more, I forget that there are people like me out there that love film. So happy we are catching up again :)

      • http://twitter.com/g_gryffyn 그웬 (Gwen)

        Man, movies (and my obsessive tv watching) are the only things keeping me sane over here, so I definitely welcome any chance to read or talk about it all. And definitely happy to catch up again! I’m also happy you’ve found an outlet for all your crazy movie thoughts and interests.

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