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The Gentleman’s Handbook

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There are those that would say, “What the Hell does Godfrey know about being a gentleman?” There are others who would coo, “Jon is a hopeless romantic, a complete gentleman.” Both statements contain curious truths, but considering the title I’m going to side with the second.

Now that that is settled let me introduce you to my new five-part series, “The Gentleman’s Handbook.” In my quest to be continuously opinionated I’ve constructed a concept to relay the lessons I’ve learned about being a man. So with some clever wordplay I’d like to share my knowledge via the five senses, starting with sight.

Sight = Appearance

From head to toe your skin and what sits upon it are your initial introduction. Let us save skin for the “Touch” chapter, and instead begin with what adorns it.

“The 4 C’s” of Clothing

My father taught me many things. He is a successful and multi-talented man who’s sage advice has served me well. Amongst the multitude of metaphorical gems he passed along his understanding of fashion has remained the most valuable. You see, though a man may make the clothing, clothing truly makes the man.

Cut – When putting an outfit together always take into account the different cuts you’re wearing. From the shape of your shoe to that of your pants it is important that your geometry be complimentary. Consider every item an addition to your wardrobe. Certain slices will fit together better than others, and new purchases should work with owned goods. Oh, and try it on first!

Color – Learn the color wheel! If you don’t know what color’s clash please ask someone who does. Because one day you’re going to be in the presence of beauty and she’s going to be looking back at eighties neon throwing up on grunge era green. Colors speak volumes so it is best that they converse peacefully.

Cloth – The maker has meaning. This is not to say that popular fashion houses equate to excellence and durability; rather, that it is important for you to find the names that do. Like the fairer gender learn to shop. Do not simply go to the mall on a random Saturday afternoon. Instead, keep a constant eye out for quality cloth.

Cost – The price of an object does not give it value. Quality products come in all denominations, what is important is that the cloth be worth its weight. Furthermore, blending an extravagant watch with a simple t-shirt eludes to your clever eye. Just as an expensive jacket atop cost friendly denim whispers your complexity.

!!! Most Important of All !!!

Now that you are dressed in your best remember this: Though your look is integral there is one more important… the way you look at her. I love my Blackberry “Joan.” I fondle her like breasts and stare at her endlessly, thus I am aware of what a serious issue “eye contact” can be. That said, those sockets should never be elsewhere when she’s around. This is not to say you stare. No. Like your look this is something with similar multi-layered insight. However, this is knowledge only you and honest concern can discover.

Here are some sightly steps to start you off on your visual quest. If you look at her and see new life, or wondrous words appear. If the simple sight of her elicits a grin and a stifle of friendly fear… you’re on the right path ;)

…and may you cross the rivers in style.


  • PoohPooh

    I’m going to stick with “What the hell does Godfrey know about being a gentleman?” Dude.. talking about fondling breasts (while only a metaphor), is not gentlemen like. Also, the clothing you wear does not make you a gentleman.. it may make you look like one, but we know that could be far from the truth (I’m using myself as an example).

    • Anonymous

      A gentleman uses his name… seems you lack the suffix sir. 

      • PoohPooh

        I agree, seeing that I already eluded to the fact that I am not a Gentleman. “Also, the clothing you wear does not make you a gentleman.. it may make you look like one, but we know that could be far from the truth (I’m using myself as an example). ” As in, I am not a gentleman; two peas in a pod we are.

      • Jonathanleebrock

        I like you!

      • Anonymous

        I will have to disagree with you. I am a gentleman and believe the clothes aid the existence such a statement. This is a term being defined, it seems you define it differently… which is fine. However, it has no weight nor bearing on my own description. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000583209773 Sabrina Camp

    i REALLY like this!
    i’ll be sure to read the series :)
    ps – i <3 julia roberts

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Bri-Bri… and I adore her as well :)  

  • Ugbad

    I agree the most with cut, boys, men whatever you wear its gotta fit…also colour was amusing and true…I like, def looking forward to the series <3

    • Anonymous

      Awwww, thanks Uggy :) Ya, hopefully I will get “Smell” together by next week. I have so much for that one, that like this, I have to take the time to make it effectively dense whilst still entertaining :)  

  • Anonymous

    I can image how difficult an article like this must be to write. Establishing yourself as an authority on a topic like this is no easy task. Well done good sir!

    • Anonymous

      The difficulty was making it clever and witty. I care little about being an expert, I just want to get a reaction from my audience. I want them to FEEL something, anything, and respond. “Gentleman” is a word that has gained so many definitions that I decided to have fun explaining my own. I really really really loved writing this one. Thank you for reading and commenting my man. 

      Dreamland family :)  

  • Amandalstrang

    I LOVED this! Well done! My gentleman at home definitely has all of this going on, and he helps me when it comes to choosing my own fashion (sadly this is true)  This was a fun refreshing take on appearance/dress.  Good job!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Amanda… I love hearing that something I write can be viewed as refreshing :) JLB is definitely a gentleman, and certainly a well dressed one. 

    • Jonathan-Lee Brock

      I may dress well, however, I am far from being a gentleman in my opinion. On another note, I fondle my phone like breasts and stare at her endlessly as well.

  • Jonathanleebrock

    This was a great piece pal, can’t wait for the next installment!

  • Chris Elliott

    Alright! Yes! This is what the FUCK I’m talkin’ about Slime! What an amazing piece. This is def inspiring me to step out the box and to step my gent game up! Brap! #slimelove

    • Anonymous

      Glad you enjoyed it. Let’s hope I can keep up the quality with the next piece. God knows I give myself to get done on the go… but get done it will (in due time).

  • Anonymous

    First off, great blog!  Very weel written and thought out.

    I’m at odds here though.  I’m a guy who wears dress pants and shirts 3-4 days a week.  It’s no doubt that the clothing I wear on those days gives me a further respect above the days I wear jeans and hoodies.  If you dont believe me, go into Holts with a oodie and see if ou get service!

    And therin lies my problem.  Society is not a gentleman/gentlewoman.  Its a judgemental bitch and conforming is the only way to get treated with respect.  I judgle both conforming and standing out on a daily basis with my attire but if I had my choice I’d wear a Dreamland t-shirt with some jeans.

    Unfortunetly its hard to get respect when wearing those.  FUCK EM I SAY, I wear what I want.

    • Anonymous

      The issue isn’t the cost of an outfit, it is whether or not you look attractive in it. This series is about magnifying one’s potential to become the best version of themselves through simple but thought out choices. I know it may appear that I am saying to dress up, but I’m not. I don’t dress up… I merely hope to dress well. Therein lies the grand difference. 

  • Ghilliard

    This is an awesome blog you should post a blog about these cool shirts on http://www.robertredd.com/ they are so awesome! Also my man looks like a gentleman in them for sure! Also ladies can wear them too. They are such a cool style and so unique! just check it out I think you’ll like them.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for the love my man. I am checking out Redd now. Much respect on the style. If you want to continue along with the series check: http://dreamlandapparel.com/the-gentlemans-handbook-smell-the-roses & http://dreamlandapparel.com/the-gentlemans-handbook-the-valiant-taste

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