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The Fuji Apple

 As many of you know, from my other taste buds posts, I am not exactly the most health conscious eater in the world. In fact growing up, I would often choose a 5 hour long sentence at the dinner table, over attempting consumption of anything green. Sadly, well into my adult years I (for the most part) still have the same unwillingness to eat fruits and vegetables. There are a few exceptions, however ironically enough, of the fruits and vegetables that I actually like, there are only a couple I can actually eat because of allergies. Recently, I have experienced a glimmer of hope.

A couple months ago a close friend of mine enlightened me to the phenomenon that is the Fuji Apple. At first, I was apprehensive, and uninterested. However, after actually trying one, my viewpoint shifted completely. Unlike other commercialized apples, the Fuji is a cloned mix between the Red Delicious and the Ralls Janet. This allows for the best of both worlds, with a mixture of the colour, juice and firmness of a Red Delicious, and the flavour of a Ralls Janet. The taste of this apple is like no other apple I have ever enjoyed. It has a light consistency, a fresh flavour and most importantly, does not trigger any throat swelling allergic reactions!

These Japanese created apples have been flying off shelves across the country and continue to attract new shoppers. If you haven’t already had the pleasure, I highly recommend that you get to a grocery store immediately and try one!



  • Anonymous

    I love it!!! I am a big apple enthusiast myself. Growing up in Ontario I’ve been spoiled with some of the best produce in the world. The apple is one of our feature famous items. Every year I get excited for the “Ontario” apples to release. There is nothing like eating an apple from down the road, as opposed to across the globe. I had a big fetish with this apple years ago, it followed my love for the Gala. I am currently enthralled by an American creation we now grow called “The Honey Crisp.” All in all I love apples and I loved reading it. Thanks my man :)

  • Anonymous

    I only like apples when they are in a pie!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000583209773 Sabrina Camp

    grocery list this week:
    fuji apples.
    that is all :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Adam-Wood/541180607 Adam Wood

    Chris I must admit, I was skeptical of reading this but I must say … Bravo. I’m fairly knowledgeable of agriculture, framers markets, and the importing/exporting of produce (fuct, eh??) Great insight and tastily educational

    • Chris Elliott

      Thanks a lot dude. I appreciate the love, as always! They are an amazing fruit. Soon everyone will see that! ahaha

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