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The Fighter

This past Friday Adam and I attended the premiere for “The Fighter.” This was MLatM’s first ‘camaras-flashing-stars-in-attendence’ premiere. It was an honor to attend such an event, and it was a breath of fresh air to witness the return of the Great American Narrative!

What is the “Great American Narrative” you ask? It’s the story of beating the odds; of defeating a giant with just a sling. It’s about crushing your adversaries and spitting in the face of adversity!

The Fighter: The cinematic re-telling of Mickey Ward and his life in the ring. It’s a deep an impressive movie about fighting through failure and conquering fear. It’s the best movie of 2010; and despite being up against some serious competition, The Fighter is the undisputed champion of the world!

Christian Bale will win “Best Supporting Actor;” Melissa Leo will be nominated for “Best Supporting Actress;” and Mark Wahlberg will be ignored for “Best Actor,” but this year that is exactly what he is!

I say this because although many movies have changed the game this year… this is the only movie that changed my life.

Since I was a kid I’ve been getting my ass kicked!

I struggled as a student all throughout grade-school. So much so that my grade 12 English teacher told me I’d never be a writer. I struggled with religion throughout my youth. My leaders never believed I was good enough to teach about the love of God. I’ve suffered through life being laughed at for my dreams. I’ve suffered through life being made fun of for my views. I’ve suffered through all of this alone with the fear that everyone was right.

In my twenties the blows kept coming!

I went on a two year mission to Africa and was told I’d never survive. I returned with honor and everyone thought me a liar. I wanted to go to school for Theology and I was mocked for the thought. I graduated from one of the most prestigious universities in the country and all I was asked was “what’s next?”

I got a job in my desired field; I started writing this series; I’m now writing for the greatest blog on the internet; and as complicated as it is — I’m in love and I’m not apologizing for it!

I’m not taking anymore punches!

The world can keep trying to convince me that I’m worthless and weak; I’m done listening. They can keep swinging, but I’m done taking it. I can see I’ve been hurting them for years, I can see them at my feet. It’s time to start fighting back; it’s time to be a man and take control of my life at the movies.


  • Sabrina

    WOW !!!
    i think this might just be your best blog yet.
    thank u jon <3

    • Anonymous

      Thx Bri Bri! You’ve been so supportive the whole way through so that means a lot. You’re a great friend, and I love that I get to work with you… even though you always come over and ask me about Twitter, (however, I also secretly love that at the same time!)

      • Sabrina

        u really make me laugh :-D

  • Anonymous

    Great post man, can’t wait to see this movie

    • Anonymous

      I promise you will see what I am saying. It’s crazy to say that! In a year that had movies like Inception, The Social Network, Let Me In, and Black Swan — all films worthy of being a best picture, but this is without question the best.

      It taught me to pick up the gloves and fight… that and I a few talks with friends of mine after watching it ;)

  • Anonymous

    Great blog Jonny! You definitely threw some haymakers in this one!
    have not seen the flick but as long as Fincher gets best director for ‘Social Network’ this can win whatever it wants!

    • Anonymous

      You know I love “Social Network” Bro :)

      I support Sony/Columbia/Screen Gems to no end! They have been so crucial to my success and I will be forever indebted. However, a movie of this caliber is rare. I had to learn to stop feeling sorry for myself, I had to learn to put the gloves back on… It’s crazy how it takes a movie to get me back to that. I love you big bro! That pic of the brothers in the middle is there for a reason.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Adam-Wood/541180607 Adam Wood

    This movie had me bobbin and weaving like I was in the ring myself – it was awesome. So many stories and characters to relate and hate.

    Thanks again Godfrey for the privilege of witnessing this brilliant story … and for the opportunity to see Mr. Wahlberg!!!

    • Anonymous

      No worries my man… it’s always a pleasure. You have definitely been to the most mlatm experiences and I am grateful for that. Glad you liked the blog because I know you loved the movie!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=796832563 Connor Sziklasi

    Saw this last night, and overall was a good movie. Nothing special, and definitely doesn’t compare to Inception, Toy Story 3 or 127 Hours whatsoever. The best part about the movie though was Christian Bale. He absolutely stole the show and made Mark Wahlberg seem like the supporting actor at one point.

    Once again, good movie, nothing more. But hey, everyone has an opinion.

    • Anonymous

      I could totally see that happening to Mark Wahlberg, he’s not exactly an actor of the caliber Christian Bale is.

    • Anonymous

      I’m gonna let this slide as opinion, because just a good movie is an understatement and a half. I’ll give you Inception on the grounds that I loved it and saw it four times. I have not seen the other two movies mentioned. However, I have seen almost every major release this year and only the “Social Network” has a chance of edging this one out.

      I can also see what you are saying about Bale, but a good supporting actor will always shine in moments. Regardless Bale does not carry the movie ever, he rather highlights and excites. Wahlberg carries the movie as a lead flawlessly. He is a quiet lead, but he nevertheless remains a positive and progressive focal point throughout the entirety of the film.

      127 Hours? You loved that. I’ll give it a try. Nevertheless, I only have Winter’s Bone and The King’s Speech left to see. They are the only movies remaining with a chance for best pic in my books. Most likely, this will be my winner.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000583209773 Sabrina Camp

    i really wanna see this over the holidays.

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