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The Definition of Love

[audio:http://dreamlandapparel.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/Immediate-Music-Trailer-Themes-Love-War-Choir.mp3|titles=Immediate Music - Trailer Themes - Love & War (Choir)]

Language is an agreement of terms. Our thoughts, emotions, and experiences are personal, but our desire to share them persists. Thus, language exists as a means of trade. Early on we assume that everyone speaks the same language, but we quickly learn that this is not the case. Furthermore, we’re opened up to the reality that though some may use the same words, our understanding of them differs.

Dictionaries are printed to bring order to this chaos, but in the end they are just words on a page… and we are not. This theory that I present to you is done so with a purpose, if words are nothing more than attempts to shape that which has no form… then what is love?

Love: For many it is born and bred in the heart, an enchanting emotion that burns within. For others it is the soul, a connection so deep it’s spiritual. Then there are those who find it in the physical and the moisture of sexual contact. Lastly, there are some who would argue it is no more than a thought, a mental mishap best but aside.

However, these are just more words, and on this topic I’ve written so many. Yet, I’ve failed to define love, fuck I’ve failed to even find it. In two weeks this series will be a year old. Twenty-three entries precede this one, covering topics including: The One; Happily Ever After; and being a Hopeless Romantic. All of which are nothing more than shades of a single color, letters rearranged to spell the same sentiment. Something I wanted more than anything, something I ran from, a choice that consumes me with regret.

For those who would assume I know anything about love I advise against the assurance. I am nothing more than a broken heart bleeding out in ink. Red stains streak across the page pretending to be prolific. In truth they’re just decorated thoughts that I should have told someone before it was too late. I acquiesced too early; I laid down my arms when I should have fought. I worried what the world thought, and what words meant… Now words are all I have.

I keep running from a feeling that lives inside me. I pretend it’s what I’m over not what I want beside me. Love once had a definition, which no longer exists.

But the desire to share it, hold her, and explain this persists.



  • Chris Elliott

    Your eloquence actually blows me away with these pieces. Great perspective as usual, man. Those hyperlinks bring back memories of prior inspiration. Truly original. Awesome work. 

    • Anonymous

      Merci mon ami. Sometimes I love unleashing the dark side of myself. I find it can be beautiful to be honest about my shame. It’s empowering to unleash that which I’m suppose to keep quiet about ;)

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