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The Adjustment Bureau

If you follow me on Twitter there’s a few things you already know:

1.) I tweet a lot! (The most apparent fact in the batch).

2.) I love my hashtags (e.g. #thelaststarfighter #thefallofgiants and #mlatm).

3.) Before 2010 was a wrap I listed my Top 3 must-see-movies of 2011: Harry Potter 7 Pt. 2; Sucker Punch; and The Adjustment Bureau.

The Adjustment Bureau stole the top slot for a few reasons. First came the trailers; cinematic pre-rolls of a film noir future wherein the clandestine play puppet-master. Next there was the premise: two amazing actors (Matt Damon & Emily Blunt) were to portray a timeless romance told in Sci-Fi terms. Then, just days before the film was released, Electronic Playground showed a series of behind-the-scenes featurettes. Therein I was informed that the film’s concept was derived from a short story written by Philip K. Dick.

A Philip K. Dick movie! I was in celluloid heaven knowing the likes of Blade Runner, Total Recall, and Screamers was returning to the screen. Thus, with all this excitement in hand I splurged and went to Varsity for a classy matinee.

Coat Checked, Private washroom utilized, and a glass of red beside me I started to stress. I was really building this movie up to be the picture of the year… what if it wasn’t? The doubts of fellow friends and the sudden disinterest of a once familiar fan began to corrupt my confidence. What if this sucked? Shit, how am gonna write this blog if it does? Is it being okay… Okay? BREATHE!

The opening credits rolled, and the inviting soundtrack brought back my smile. Then David Norris entered the political stage and quickly thereafter met his love Elise Sellas. The Esoteric narrative that unfolded over the duration of the film is one many may not enjoy, but my personal love for soft-science-fiction, adventurous theology, and love left me intrigued.

The OST is amazing! Booking ending with new work from the Verve’s Richard Ashcroft, and scored by Thomas Newman (of Shawshank & American Beauty fame) there is so much to be heard. There is also so much to be seen. Back-to-back Academy Award Winner John Toll shoots New York in a way never before seen. Haunting looks at the glass and steel landscapes of NYC worked to renew its mystery.

The sets are great, and actor Anothony Mackie (AKA “Papa Doc”) already has a chance at a Golden Baby. Speaking of The Golden Babies this movie is certainly in the running now, along with No Strings Attached, for Best Picture. I know it’s early, but after all, it is my life at the movies ;)


  • Anonymous

    Glad this was good! Philip K Dick made into movie is always amazing! Will be seeing this quite soon!
    Box office numbers were decent but opening with #Rango was a bad look! I called that!

    • Anonymous

      You will love it, everyone I know will love it, it is honestly amazing. You did call Rango, but if you do the math, Beastly made the most back (go figure, lol). This movie though will be the must own Blu Ray in the end. It is transcendental as hell. I couldn’t believe how many big names were on this project that no one mentioned. I’m hoping I can get the word out.

      Can’t wait for Alien Invasion Weekend!!! Battle L.A. – The Last Starfighter – Matrix Reloaded!!! This weekend we have your baby, another “Rewind to the 80′s” flick, and an epic BluMoon outing!!! It’s gonna be awesome.

  • user99

    damn, renewing the spark for lost genres and shit, Jon you’re king shit. Love it !

    oh and sucker punch looks fantastic, can’t hardly wait !

    • Anonymous

      Dude, this movie is epic! I believe that if the movie is seen in its proper light, and a real movie minded attitude is brought to the theater, that this will be one of the best movies you will see all year. There are so many details that I didn’t even get to include in the blog (e.g. it’s writer/director, the amazing on screen chemistry, and daring adherence to it’s genre). All in all it is a great movie that nerds and lovers alike will enjoy. The theater I was in was electric, and everyone there thoroughly enjoyed :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000583209773 Sabrina Camp

    glad it lived up to your expectations.
    would have been a bummer if it didn’t.

    • Anonymous

      @sabrina_camp yes it would have… but it definitely surpassed what I expected. That’s the best part about viewing a film for the first time: you never know where it will take you next.

  • Kimberly Applewhite


    for best picture?

    Is this sarcasm?

    I LOVES you, but even for the Golden baby it’s too much to ask.

    • Anonymous

      As always my choices are honest. If there is one thing about MLatM it is that it is uniquely me. Both this film and No Strings Attached have been my favorite theater experiences of 2011. I have now seen 23 films in theater this year, and by the time I get to 100 I will know which of my picks I feel the most confident about.

      That said, the picks I have offered up for the Golden Babies I stick by 100%. They are great nominations in my mind and in my life at the movies ;)

  • Chris Elliott

    Whoa dude. This is crazy. I think this may have been your best MLATM. Really strong piece. Love the insight on NYC’s mystery and darkness. I really want to see this flick. Good call sir.

    • Anonymous

      Wow Best MLatM eh? Maybe that will be an award for The Golden Road (AKA The Road to the Golden Babies). I would love to know what readers feel is my best blog, and it is great to know that you feel this one may be exactly that. I really did love this movie, and if you need someone to tag along I’d definitely go again.

  • KWgirl

    Your dad & I went to see this friday afternoon. We LOVED it. Of course what wasn’t to love? I got to watch a romantic Sci-fi movie with a great story, great actors, great set and great sound track. I LOVE when that happens:) This will be a Blu-ray purchase when it comes out!

    • Anonymous

      So happy you liked it mom :) I agree that this is a guaranteed Blu Ray buy… there is no question this is one of the best sci-fi movies you could ever watch or buy. Love you mom!

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