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Tension (Music Video)

Well well… Just as fast as the 3 of us dazzle you with a chilling ballad, we drop a completely offsetting and juxtaposing music video! Thanks to the creative genius (and patience) of Mr. Ryan Howitt, we were able to craft some creative visuals to ease our “Tension”.

In this classic street-style video shot in Toronto’s High Park area, myself Justin and Brent dawned our respective Teletubby costumes and created some visual magic. Confused looks were abundant, as were laughs on the set. Needless to say, we had a great time with this entire process, from the song’s conception to the video’s completion. Special thanks to Mr. Info for that tech support throughout.




  • Anonymous

    Ya’ll killed it. Very impressed with your out the gates efforts (everyone). Keep grinding slime, we don’t quit till the caskets dip. #slime #hustle

    • Chris Elliott

      Thanks dude. We had so much fun with this. Really glad people enjoyed it. 

  • sabrina

    this is amazing!!
    you look good in red ;)

    • Chris Elliott

      ahaha Thanks Sabrina! And congrats on the wedding! 

  • Anonymous

    Awesome Video man

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