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Just-In-Rhymes may be the last true warrior on the front lines of hip-hop. The term “over-night success” simply does not exist in his vocabulary. Justin is a worker. A hustler. His relentless motivation and unrestrained drive to better himself as an artist has been the main determining factor of his progression.

As many other white, suburban, middle-class aspiring rappers have experienced , encouragement to turn his hobby into a career was rarely given. This, nor any other deterring situation has gotten in Justin’s way. In fact, he has converted the fumes of nay-saying and doubt into fuel for his ever powerful song-making machine. Fans can always expect, grit, gifted lyricism and versatility throughout all of his material.

Ultimately, his talent and vigorous work ethic has garnered the attention of some of Canada’s most respected and influential rappers and producers.Working with the likes of Muneshine, TImbuktu, Jeff Speck and Ghettosocks Mr. Rhymes is well on his way to establishing himself as one of Canada’s most recognizable rappers.

Either roll with him, or roll for him. He’s happy regardless.



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