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Taste Buds: Stoney’s Bread Company

If you live in Oakville and love to eat, you already know exactly what I’m talking about. If not, I highly recommend you wise-up and check this spot out. Stoney’s Bread Company is by far the best place in Oakville (and probably the GTA) to get pasta, pizza, salad and sandwiches.

When you first walk in, the layout seems confusing. It looks like a gourmet coffee shop; with small tables, couches and an order counter. This is a small part of what makes this restaurant so unique.

You place your order with the person at the counter, pay (with tip), grab an order number and take it to the table of your choice. No matter what you get, be it pasta, pizza, salad or a sandwich, it never takes more than 10 minutes to arrive at your table.

The food is always amazing…amazing. Anything I have ever ordered from this god-sent restaurant has far exceeded my expectations.

Menu items that I would personally recommend:

Cesear Salad (The best you will EVER have)

Three Cheese Penne (Also, the best you will EVER have)

Blackened Chicken Sandwich (The most delicious mixture of cajun spices and avocado guacamole)

Curried Fettucini Alfredo (Creamy Alfredo sauce with a hint of curry, tossed in a mixture of steamed vegetables)


323 Kerr Street, Oakville, Ontario

(905) 849-3627



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