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Taste Buds: Origin

Based in a city that is notorious for its outstanding cuisine, Origin is a new restaurant that made a fabulous first impression. I went there for a friends birthday last week and I have been dreaming of the dishes ever since. Most restaurants have a specific angle in which they present their food. They have a theme or an influence from a certain part of the world. Origin’s menu is Tapas style, which demands variety and versatility. You can get pretty much any type of food there, be it Asian, Italian, Mediterranean, Greek etc. Some critics might argue that a lack of consistency on a menu is a hindrance. I however, argue the opposite. Tapas menus offer people small tastes of everything, and for people with a good palette and a sense of indecisiveness when eating out, variety is the only option.

Besides the perfectly cooked food, and remarkable presentation, the decor (featuring an open concept prep kitchen) was phenomenal. The rustic looking walls, featuring exposed brick are complimented nicely with modern minimalist furniture. To top it off, the service was excellent, and our waitress made a vast and complex menu seem like a piece of cake (pun not intended, we were both too full for desert).

If you’re up for some culinary adventure and don’t mind paying for it, check this trendy Toronto gem out!



Tostones and Guacamole

Spicy Tuna Hand Roll

Curried Shrimp and Naan Bread


  • Joh Gerontzos

    Hey homie, great review of this place.

    I’ve been getting away from this type of place because in my old age I tend to know what I want IE tonight I want Greek food. This review does make me want to venture out and try the place. It definetly has a cool atmosphere from those pics you loaded up.

    What’s an average price range in your estimation for entrees?

    • Chris

      Origin is definitely not a cheap place to eat. Tapas style menus offer an array of dishes in small portions, so essentially entrees don’t exist. For two adults (with tip, and 1 drink each) the whole meal cost around $130.00. Pricey, but very much worth it.

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