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Sweet Pea


[audio:http://dreamlandapparel.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/07-Where-Is-My-Mind-feat.-Emily-Browning.mp3|titles=07 Where Is My Mind (feat. Emily Browning)]

I love you. It’s so easy to say. However, rarely do those words transcend beyond the statement. Have you ever been asked: why do you love me? I have, and I figured it was about time I answer the question. Why do I love you? My answer begins with a cinematic parallel.

Last time I left you with a sacrificial lamb, the beautiful Babydoll. As a symbol she parlayed precious truths regarding the sorrows of a broken heart, as well as those felt from the depths of breaking one. She whispered over an enchanting lullaby about the fears I’ve felt. However, today is not a time for worry, my Sweet Pea has arrived.

The Story of Sweet Pea: She entered the theater of my life unexpectedly; it’s weird how a supporting actress becomes the star of the show. However, her origins are unimportant here. What matters is, (like Babydoll), I never thought I’d find my way into her life, let alone her heart.

The song I play is important here. Where is my mind? It floats as I continue to look for the answer to your question. This song also played when Babydoll met her Sweet Pea. In that moment a narrative voice told them to let go and drift away with the music. Drifting away is something I’ve always been good at. Collapsing into a thought completely… as though everything else has lost purpose. It seems I wasn’t made for this world.

After Babydoll and Sweet Pea met they developed a bond that seemed short and sweet when first seen. But if you take the time to witness that which lies beyond what time permitted them… you’ll behold a love that transcends the sexual and enters into more sacred realms.

Like Sucker Punch this tale is told in layers. From reality to that which can only be imagined. Thus, let me now add the last. What began as a question soon became a quest motivated by metaphors. In this final dream state I offer up a concluding comparison. Sweet Pea’s strength resides in her ability to survive all that besets her. I’ve seen the same in the pages of a Handmaid’s tale. Therein another woman sat trapped in a world she wasn’t meant for. Like Sweet Pea she’s a beautiful woman, a multilayered dream like this poetry I now write. With every page you get to read a little more about a soul that makes you believe in the concept.

With every page I write I return to the simple phrase that began this piece. But why do I love you? Because you’re my reason for writing this growing tome about the term; because there is no tale without you starring in it; because I’d risk a life lost in a dream to see yours all come true.


  • Anonymous

    I love the relations back to Sucker Punch, crazy! I really think you should be sending these to Zack Snyder, I think you supported his great movie more than the studio (Warner Brothers) did.

    • Anonymous

      Yes. I want to collect them and send them all to him. I need to find an email address to someone close to him. It’s going to be hard to top this film for me. I didn’t intend to love the film so much that it not only inspired 3 MLatM’s… but also two <3 Blogs. Glad you liked this one, I personally think it is one of my best (even better than Babydoll).

  • http://twitter.com/sabrina_camp sabrina

    ‘because I’d risk a life lost in a dream to see yours all come true.’ – heart warming.

    • Anonymous

      Awww, thx Bri-Bri!

      Did it feel like Sucker Punch? I was really working to create that three-fold dreamscape they created for the film. I hope it was at least moderately evident to the people who have seen the film. Anyways, so happy you enjoyed :)

  • @MRcromanic

    these sucker punch inspired love blogs are youy best yet. are you going to convey this with all the girls? i bet you have alot of info to put through for “Rocket”

    • Anonymous

      I think people are sick of all the Sucker Punch blogs. However, I agree that they are among my best for the Love Blog. Personally, this one is my favorite. Utilizing the film’s structure in my own life let me be more honest thanks to the asset of metaphor!

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