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Steps: Adidas (Stan Smith)

Classic much? Timeless much? Guilty as charged. These all-american tennis shoes have been one of the longest lasting trends in contemporary fashion. There has literally never been a time, where an all white pair of Stan Smith Adidas have been a warddrobe faux-pas.

As many of you know, I am, and always have been an old soul. I grew up on 80′s drama’s and romantic comedies. Throughout these iconic pictures, there has always been a casual representation of this shoe. From Woody Allen in Annie Hall to Billy Crystal in When Harry Met Sally, there has been no better way to compliment a pair of slim blue jeans and a navy cashmere sweater on a beautiful Autumn day.

There’s actually a funny story that goes along with myself and this shoe. Although I have always been attracted to the simplisitc design, my wide feet couldn’t be more turned off. I have pruchased (and returned) the Stan Smith’s about 6 times before finally finding my dream pair just 2 months ago. I don’t know what happened, but after literally years of looking I found a pair that fit my duck like feet. And oh… how sweet it is.

For our enjoyment on our tennis courts, down the lakeshores, sunday afternoon trips to the bodegas and the aboard the decks of our yachts (and anything else in between) – Stan Smith, we salute you.


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