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Stalley – Pound

For anyone returning to this blog on a regular basis, you will have already picked up on the fact that I am and always will be a very big Stalley fan. That said, I’m (admittedly) not the biggest fan of conscious rap music. In fact, I often scoff at the thought of it. Call me crass, materialistic, or cliche, but I tend to veer towards rappers with drug influenced, money obsessed, hoe-swooning song topics. Although this is my preference, there is an exception to every rule. Mad Stalley is one of my exceptions.

Coming off of his highly aclaimed Lincoln Way Nights, “Pound” is a reflective declaration of the progress Stalley feels as an artist he’s made. It depicts the highs and lows on the path to fame and fortune. The struggles and triumphs he as a man must to go through. Although his lyrics are at times cryptic, the hard hitting and utterly sobering truths that lay beneath the surface of his expression paint a very clear picture of the plethora of emotions his artistry brings. Honesty has always been a theme in Stalley’s song-writing, and that very notion allows his fans to properly relate to, and identify with his life.

Supported by a new and visually emotional music video, “Pound” will go down as one of Stalley’s all-time greatest anthems.

The long beard hides the pain I be dancin’ in…

Stalley – Pound




  • Anonymous

    This is actually his best work yet. I am far from a Stalley fan, but I dig this track. Always happy to see you discussing the rap you love. Great job slime.

    • Chris Elliott

       Thanks a lot dude. I thought you would like this. He keeps getting better, and now with Ricky Rozay backing him, he’s going to be subject to a lot more discussion and attention.

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