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Sports: Evolution of a Toronto FC fan

The Toronto FC has failed us as fans

If you follow the team – or have your ear to the streets – you may have seen, read, or heard about the mockery that is  TFC.  I am a former season ticket holder, and here is my story about how I dropped “the hottest ticket in town”.

Season 1: Anticipation

As avid soccer fans me and some good friends decided – upon hearing Toronto would have a “professional” soccer team – we would show our support from the start.  The anticipation of the first goal and the first win defined us as fans.  We supported the team through thick and thin; we sang new Red Patch boy’s songs every home game; and we chanted Danny Dichio’s name every 24th minute, (in honor of his first goal for the franchise).  We may not have been successful, but we believed success would soon be ours. We were family; we were All For One.

Season 2: Congratulation

A new coach, some new players, and a new season ticket holder later we began the season as a fledgling franchise with the greatest fans.

There was nothing like having a beer before, during, and after the game!  Or terrorizing visiting players.  While the product on the field was improving we hoped we could carry our team to victory.  Unfortunately we failed to make the playoffs.  I should have known it was trouble when our section stopped serving alcohol.

Season 3: Expectation

Another season with another coach, more new players, and another friend as a season ticket holder.  We knew this year promised something different.  All off-season long there were reports of upcoming changes, we scored a big one with MLS MVP and hometown boy Dwayne De Rosario .

The TFC was leading the league in attendance, merchandising, and heart.  Yet our beloved franchise was toiling in the hands of money-hungry owners.  The natives were getting restless, and even though the team captured the Nutrilite Cup, we failed to make the playoffs for the third year in a row.  All the while MLSE was demanding fans to commit early to season tickets, pay up-front for the 2010 playoffs, and charge us more money for the hassling-privilege!

Season 4: Realization

I had seen enough.  Our MLSE rep all but dared us to forfeit our tickets, and the off-season saw another coach and more no-name players.  The storm clouds were brewing and we all had the same bad feeling.  Unfortunately for our team we were right.  From the start there were chemistry issues, contract squabbles, increased ticket pricing, and uninspired play on the field.  By the end of the year the casual fan had vanished, and the Red Patch boys had taken to wearing green to show the MLSE where they thought their interests were.  Although the MLS championship will be played here the FC showed no conviction in representing us by once again failing to make the playoffs.

The Toronto FC has failed us as fans! Things that start off so pure are almost always sullied in the hands of greed.  This city has put its faith in many teams over the years, and the Toronto FC was the latest light amidst the darkness.

I’ve decided I’ve had enough. This season has proven that our self-appointed franchise officials have nothing but profit in mind, and as a fan of the sport/city I’ve drawn my line in the sand.

My journey has lead me here, to a place wherein I refuse to support the Toronto FC until they can earn it!


  • Jon.Godfrey

    You know I share a similar distaste for Toronto teams (in general). You also know the reason TFC never made the playoffs is because I am their crux (LOL). Anyways, I love this insight, because you literally tried your ass off, and blew your money, and got nothing in return. Much love my man.

  • Sharlene

    Ugh! So frustrating!!! Toronto does NOT need another utterly disappointing sports franchise. Between the Leafs, Raptors and Jays, (maybe even the Bills?) we have had to endure more than enough from our hometown teams, their owners, their venues and their ticket prices. When a city unites, it should be in celebration, not in anger and frustration. TFC was the light but now that light has gone out.
    Anyone know how the Toronto Rock are doing? Maybe there’s hope for them? Maybe I can actually afford a ticket to one of their games? Maybe they might make the playoffs? Maybe their not a bunch of over-paid, under-performing “hot”-shots? Come on TO, you gotta give me something!
    Great articles by the way. 30% ticket price hikes?!?!?!? bastards…

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000583209773 Sabrina Camp

    so sorry for your loss john :(
    but i must say.
    the sea of red making their way to BMO field on game day is nice.

  • Brian Gault

    Well put Johnny.

    I’ve turned down tickets from reps to go this year.

    Lost interest has been an understatement. Perhaps it’ll get back to gongratulation phase again.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Christopher-Michael-Elliott/500513490 Christopher Michael Elliott

    APPLAUSE!! APPLAAAUUUSE!! VERY well said dude. Amazing post. I can’t even put into words how much I appreciated that breakdown. This is the same way I feel about the leafs! Its so hard, and you have every good intention for the team, but after a while it’s just sooooo painful to watch.

  • Jonathan-lee Brock

    If it wasn’t for Thierry Henry, I wouldn’t have even gone to a single game this season. I will not make any further comment in reference to the TFC as it pains me too greatly.

  • Mathew Wragg14

    stick with your team through thick and thin if your a true fan!!

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