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As a kid I remember sitting in class, staring at the clock and impatiently waiting for that final bell.  Once it sounded I leaped out of my seat, sprinted through the halls and escaped into the streets.  I’d run across those roads with disregard; i’d run until my shoes untied themselves!  I did all of this for one reason, and one reason alone: to get home in time to watch Spider-Man!

There was something about Spider-Man and his nerdy alter-ego Peter Parker that resonated with my young impressionable mind.  I had a Spider-Man sweater, piggy-bank, action figure, and pajamas.  Every cent of my hard earned allowance went to buying Spider-Man comics!  It was kiddy crack to me! (LOL).

We all know his story: a nerdy high-school kid gets bit by a radio-active spider, gains super powers, and forgets that “With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility.”  This Marvel comic king has been around since 1962 and he remains one of today’s favorite fictional characters.

I’m not sure what it is about Spidey that  makes him so magnetic.  He’s not the most powerful, like the Hulk or Super-Man.  He’s not the most popular, like Iron Man or Batman.  He’s not even as well received as the X-Men or the JLA.  I think what draws us towards him is the fact he’s the ‘everyday man.’  He struggles with everyday problems like rent and relationships.  He’s not the smoothest guy in the world; he makes mistakes all the time!  Furthermore, not everyone likes him even though he wants to be liked everyone.  Deep down he’s just a guy who loves his family and friends, (but frustratingly fails them all the time).

To me, we are all Spider-Man.  I’m Peter Parker.  You’re Peter Parker.  It’s what makes him so Amazing!

Here are my Top 5 essential Spider-Man stories:

Birth of Venom – The origin of Venom, known as one of the most sadistic villains in comics.

One More Day – The most controversial story in Spider-Man history!  Nuff’ said!

If This Be My Destiny – Even though this was written in the 60′s it has one of the most dramatic scenes in comic history!

The Death of Gwen Stacy – The story that shaped Spider-Man forever!

Kraven’s Last Hunt – IMO this is the most well written and mature Spider-Man tale.  It features the ‘Death’ of Spider-Man.  AMAZING!


  • Anonymous

    This is without question your greatest piece to date. The honesty and passion you put into this far surpass what I accomplished with my own comic book pieces. I am so proud of you for writing this. I read it like 4 more times today and am just amazed at what you’ve done with this idea. Great job John! I knew you would kill this!

    As for my fav Spidey stuff… I love the “Upside Down” kiss in the first movie. Epic moment in cinema!

    Top 3 Spidey Stories:

    3.) Return of the Goblin: Ramos’ art is always near and dear to me. Plus that final dialog between Spidey and Osbourne is so legendary.

    2.) The Death of Gwen Stacy: This is one of my favorite Hard Covers that I own. That controversial “Snap” that is Gwen’s Stacy’s death is one of the most haunting moments in comic book history.

    1.) One More Day: I love Quesada, and this story will forever define Spidey’s ‘hopeless romantic’ angle that I relate to most. It was such a heart-wrenching and epically executed story.

    Thanks for reminding all of us about the greatest superhero of all time. There is none more unique, personal, and real than Mr. Peter Parker. You have it right my friend, we are all Spider-Man.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks bro, that means a lot!

      The Goblin book was SICK! Not only was Ramos art totally amazing but Paul Jenkins wrote the shit outta that. That was the last time Ramos did spider-man.

      Well, until NOW! He’s back on with Don Slott! Merry X-Mas! And they’re doing Hobgoblin! WHAT!

      • Anonymous

        Awesome… I’ll be reading that. I am planning on getting back into the ‘swing’ of things again in the new year. I’m happy to hear Ramos is on the title again to aid that process. Him, Bachalo, and JRJR are my current favs to draw that wacky web-slinger.

      • Anonymous

        The new story is awesome my man. Slott and Ramos are awesome together!

  • sabrina

    awww john.
    i luv your spider-man luv <3

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Sabrina! I do love the character! You should see my men den some time!

  • http://www.facebook.com/joe.bonsu Joe Osei Bonsu

    Good article John!!

    I’ve always listed Spider-Man along the with all the other underdogs in media history. Like Daniel LaRusso and Rocky Balboa, Peter Parker faces an sh** load of obstacles. But whether it relates to his heroics or his personal life, Peter has always overcame these obstacles.

    His first greatest triumphs had to be when mustered the strength to lift a mass amount of rubble after his fight with Doctor Octopus. We all thought he was done for, but with perseverance was able to get himself outta there. Second has to be when he fought Juggernaut.Sure he was out of his element fighting Cain Marko. Sure he could’ve called on the X-Men for help. But he decided to go at it by himself. Although Spidey kept on taking massive beating by Marko, he still outlasted behemoth to the point where he slowed him down. A battle that was similar to the Rocky Balboa vs. Ivan Drago fight in Rocky IV.

    With the crap that he goes through, Peter Parker could’ve given up (well he has..but..y’know). However, he still continues to wear those red and blue tights and sling webs. Spider-Man teaches all of us to never give up the good fight, no matter how hard things get.

    • Anonymous

      Man, thanks for the brilliant reply! I completely echo those thoughts.

      Even though he is fictional I look to the character as an anchor in my life. “What would Spidey do?” He’d never give up, stay true to his values and crack wise the whole time!”

      thanks for bringing up the Juggernaut fight! That has to be one of the best drawn comics I can thing of as well. His recent fight with him was also epic!

      Thank you so much for reading!

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Amber-Sziklasi/305300731 Amber Sziklasi

    I love Spiderman :) I have Spiderman pj pants I’ve worn so much they’ve started to develop holes in them, which is heartbreaking to me :( Add that to my Christmas wish-list!
    Good job on the post, John!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Amber! I really feel like I can relate to the character and am always excited to hear and see him on tv, comics, etc.

      Thanks so much for reading!

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