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Source Material

Most of my blogging prowess developed from writing theological treatise. That’s right, I attended university with the express purpose of obtaining a degree in Systematic Theology. For four memorable “Mustang” years I was busy getting my God on. I say that with the least amount of blasphemy permissible; I say it to show you where my passion for the craft was refined.

In university I learned the value of “Source Material.” At first its benefits were found in appeasing my professors. However, its true value was discovered when I learned how to integrate the knowledge I gained into the knowledge I was sharing.

I’ve taken that research and development mentality and brought it to MLatM via hyperlinx. Every blog I write contains a lot of colored & underlined words. The purpose being to show interested readers the fun things I find whilst blogging.

Today I would like to show inquiring eyes two important finds in particular: The first being relative to an upcoming piece; and the second a conclusive video for today’s edition. Thus, let us begin with the loneliest number via this Full-length short “Treevenge”

Treevenge is an acclaimed cinematic short from Nova Scotia director Jason Eisener. Friend of the Trailer Park Boys he stars Jonathan Torrens as a Christmas happy family man. Problem is the trees are not as pleased as he is. Literally a movie about tree’s getting revenge. I can’t wait to see him literally direct a Hobo with a Shotgun tomorrow night!

Now, if you’re still reading you may be wondering where I come across these interesting links. There’s numerous A-List sources like Comingsoon.net & Film School Rejects. There are also up-and-comers like Justin at Nutshell Movies and Jamsey Belle at “So Bad It’s Effin Awesome.” Speaking of the latter, I was visiting her site today and stumbled upon the following movie-trailer-remake:

This audio/visual rewrite turns a classic comedy into an intense two-minute drama. The music and romantic dialogue returned me to reflections I’ve recently avoided. Love. Anyone that truly knows me knows I’m completely in it and unavoidably all about it. All it took was a moment for love to return to my life at the movies.


  • Anonymous

    Can’t wait to see Ricky in Hobo With a Shotgun as well!

    • Anonymous

      Now I know that the director is from Nova Scotia (and worked with Jonathan Torrens previously) Ricky being in the movie all makes sense. I can’t wait to see it either, and slip in a “Blood of Heroes” reference into the blog!

      LOVE YOU BIG BRO!!! Thanks for taking me.

  • Chris Elliott

    Interesting twist man. I really enjoyed reading this. I like your recent innovations. Well done my slime.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks Lil Bro! I always feel like blogging, and lately I am finding new and different ways to bring life to MLatM. To think this all started out less than a year ago as an FB Note. Thanks for giving me the chance to shine!

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