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Soulja Boy – Zan With That Lean

Ok. Guilty as charged! Safe to say, I’m no longer a Soulja Boy hater. No, the kid isn’t lyrical. No, he isn’t overly creative with his delivery. However, at 21 years of age, he has several international hits under his Gucci belt, and he owes it to no one but himself.

After the disappointing sales of his last album The DeAndre Way, Soulja Boy released a follow-up mixtape entitled Juice that basically acted as an unspoken compensation for his fans. This album returned to the natural innovation that his fans know and appreciate.

The most impressive offering off of this tape is the drug-induced Zan With That Lean. For those not privy to drug slang, I will break the terminology down:

Zan: Slang for the prescription anxiety medication Xanax.

Lean: A popular southern drink, consisting of Sprite, Jolly Ranchers, Codeine and Promethazine.

Although a description of this disturbing mixture of drugs populates the ever-catchy chorus, the song itself primarily tells the tale of Soulja Boy’s drinking, lusting, spending and showboating. Call me shallow, but I love it. This light, sing-songy summer jam has been on constant rotation in my iPod ever since I heard it, and will probably remain for the duration of the warm weather.

Be skeptical all you want, but good music is, well… Good music.

Bentley on them 4′s got me shittin’ on they ass, And I stunt inside the club wit that Mo’fuckin’ Zan. *Juice*

Soulja Boy – Zan With That Lean



  • Anonymous

    Well all you know I am a HUGE Soulja boy fan. Official member of the society, and always down for the tomfoolery! LOL. Juice is a solid mixtape we have been talking about for months. So glad you FINALLY got down to writing the blog. Great song!!!

    • Chris Elliott

       I’m glad I got it out as well. It’s been the song of the summer (save Marvin’s Room) for me, so it was only right.

  • Anonymous

    Man, this song is aweful.  I guess I’m one of those Soulja Boy haters! (sips Hateraide) I do appreciate his hustle a lot, I mean I know a ton of people who have made it far with no talent!  Shit, guys like Diddy and Jim Jones have made an art out of it.  Even Baby and Master P.  Those are all guys I respect.

    • Chris Elliott

      ahahah Fair enough. I don’t know what it is, but I’m straight Captain Hooked on this shit. To each his own! Holla

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