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Something In The Attic – Official T-Shirts

As many of you already know, Just-In-Rhymes is one of Dreamland Apparel’s sponsored artists. Over the past year we have been showcasing his music through the blog, twitter and facebook. Due to his overwhelming progress musically, we thought it only appropriate to reward his efforts with a custom T-Shirt.

Something In The Attic (the name of his forthcoming album) represents Justin’s thoughts, fears, hopes, dreams and regrets. The illustration, brilliantly crafted by Brian Caicco, is a representation of just that. Through a depiction of his own face as a child, we have metaphorically defined his head as a figurative attic wherein he keeps old thoughts locked away.

We encourage you to support Justin and his music by purchasing a T-shirt.

As an appetizer to his album coming this spring, enjoy the recently released tracks below.

Feels Right (Prod. Smart)

Feel’s Right [prod. Smart]

Flow’s Hot (With Info The Astronaut)

01 Flow’s Hot


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