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Sol Infinite

He’s not a rapper! Sure he expresses himself poetically, rhythmically, and artistically over drum and bass… but he is not a rapper. He patterns himself in rhyming couplets, plays with syllables, and has a lackadaisical flow… but again, he’s not a rapper.

Sol Infinite is a songwriter who produces as well, working to resurrect the jazzmatazz of the prolific past. That is not to say he is rehashing a style no longer enjoyed. No, he rather channels the spirit that inspired his predecessors. I mean any man able to lace Bob Ross vocals into carefree beats is good with me.

[audio:http://dreamlandapparel.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/Sol-Infinite-Sol-Infinite-EP-05-Vignette-Inspired-by-the-Motion-Picture-of-Everyday-Life.mp3|titles=Sol Infinite - Sol Infinite EP - 05 Vignette (Inspired by the Motion Picture of Everyday Life)]

I was first introduced to his work from fellow Dreamland staffer John Gerontzos. He called me at work one day and said I had to check him out. I did, and was impressed to be presented with an artist enjoying the abstract. His music is an odd mash up of Coldplay and Kool Keith; it’s funky, relaxed, and completely personal. It’s refreshing.

[audio:http://dreamlandapparel.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/Sol-Infinite-Sol-Infinite-EP-06-What-Am-I-Writing-For-.mp3|titles=Sol Infinite - Sol Infinite EP - 06 What Am I Writing For -]

Currently he has released a self titled EP and an adventurous single. Both are available on his website and on June 18th his first album “Within Destination” will be added to this illustrious collection. It’s an honor to work with him in getting the word out. To add him to the likes of King Fantastic and David Versis reminds me of how blessed I am to associate with passionate people willing to pursue their artistic dreams. Sol… stay grinding man, we got you covered here in Dreamland ;)

Sol Infinite: Twitter

Sol Infinite: Tumblr

Sol Intinite: Official Website


  • Anonymous

    Man, this guy is unreal.  Always been a fan of him and his work and always will be.  I appreciate the shout-out as well!

    • Anonymous

      Obvi! You are the one who hipped him to me in the first place. Respect is always due.

  • Chris Elliott

    Well written sir. This definitely does the man’s work justice. These songs were amazing as well! Love that Bob Ross joint. ahahah 

  • Anonymous

    Awesome post man, This guy is amazing. 

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