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Snaps: Joey Lawrence

I recently heard about this guy through Dylan Leeder, (another photographer we featured on the blog). Joey Lawrence is a 20 year old Photographer who has seen an enormous amount of success in the past 4 years. He has done several commercial Photography jobs for very popular Celebrities: The Jonas Brothers, 50 Cent, Robert Pattinson (just to name a few).

He has also done some utterly incredible work for National Geographic. The Lindsay, Ontario native is known for his bold and honest photography, capturing raw humanity in all forms. It’s completely inspiring to know that someone so young, in so little time, has made such a difference in the world of Photography. Joey, pictured below has travelled to over 20 countries, in only 3 years and has managed to stay relevant in mainstream “pop-culture” photography all the while. Check out his blog at:http://www.joeyl.com/blog
Some of his most inspiring and hypnotizing work is shown below.


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