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Snacks: Guacamole

You absolutely have to try this recipe. I made it over the weekend, and I must say… Unreal. If you’re tired of salsa (like me) and want something different with Tortilla chips, I strongly urge you to make this dip. It’s easy, fast, and cheap. Convinced? I hope so.



3 ripe Avocados

2 Limes

1/4 cup of Red Onion

1/3 cup of Salsa

That is all…


1) Remove the pit from the Avocados and separate from the skin

2) Measure out the Salsa

3) Chop the onion finely

4) Squeeze the 2 Limes into a Blender

5) Empty the rest of the ingredients into the blender and Puree

6) Enjoy the best Guacamole you have ever had in your entire life.

NOTE: For BEST results, refrigerate over night and enjoy the next day.

It should look something like this:


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