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SKCC Presents: Philpmode – Party’s Over 2011

Aside from all biases attached with being a close friend for many years, I can honestly say that I have met few people in my life that match Philpmode’s (aka Mike Philp) positivity and creativity. Upon spending any time at all with this skater by day/professional DJ by night, it becomes crystal clear that he was put on earth for one reason: TO HAVE FUN! His attitude, demeanor and most of all music reflect that quality perfectly.

Last week, Mike gave me the privilege of listening to his newest year-closer mix appropriately titled Party’s Over 2011. Now, let the record show, I am not, nor ever will be a fan of electronic, jungle, house, bass, dance, techno etc. However, whenever I listen to any material carefully mixed by Philpmode, for one reason or another, my tolerance is extended and I actually begin to enjoy it.

Eclectic is too mild an adjective to describe this man’s musical prowess. Within this mix, ragers can expect to hear everything from Lil’ Wayne to Slayer and literally everything in between. His cuts are crisp, his fading is flawless and his inspiration is evident.

If you’re hosting a party, in need of a wake-up within the manotony of a long drive, or just want to rail a few skinnys of MDMA in the privacy of your own living room, this mix is for you.

Applause as always, sir. Keep on spinnin’!



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  • Anonymous

    Bumping “Party’s Over” as I type, it certainly is an eclectic and well arranged mix. Good on you for getting this out there to the public. Not only is it nice to have access to good/free music, it’s nice to know the minds behind such projects and to give them the credit they are due. 

    • Chris Elliott

      I knew you’d dig this. Right up your alley. Mike’s a really talented dude, so it’s cool that he’s getting some recognition.

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