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[audio:http://dreamlandapparel.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/16-The-Leaving-The-Search.mp3|titles=Basil Poledouris - The Leaving/The Search]

Being single is amazing! Pure unadulterated freedom wherein sin is judged only by one’s self. No need to be romantically creative, appropriately concerned, or even home on time. Success and failure are determined independently. Discovery is personal and adventure endless. Outside of the office you literally do what you want, when you want. Hell, you can even do it with who you want… you’re single after all.

I’ve heard these claims, and once upon a time, I tested the waters and enjoyed my swim.

Like any unattached twenty-something I’ve had my fair share of fun, coupled with pockets of heart-break. I’ve experienced lust, and I’ve been in love. I’ve married the two and entered into mythical elation.

Then again I’ve also played the game. Competing against my phallic brood for supremacy; showing my fellow apes who is King of Kongs. I love women, their species entrances me, and I’ve fancied the lot. It’s great to be a cock and to view the world as a hen house, but it’s better to be in love and to see it in her eyes.

Being single sucks! Every girl is at best an echo of a distant song, a shade of a lost color. I walk the streets and see the shadows of our past along the city sidewalks. Street signs read like missing chapters from a misplaced book. Romantic tales concerned with smiles; a story wherein coming home meant coming home to her. There were no checks and balances, no world outside her lips, and no undertaking beyond her grasp.

The library is closed and the house is now in escrow. The scales are unstable and the globe has been eclipsed. Yet somehow I won’t let go, for I pray I won’t be single… after all.


  • Anonymous

    I feel you my friend. When I moved to this city I was “a single and scorned man” LOL. I took the time and realized being single isnt just waiting to exhale type-shit. It was a time to find myself and who I really was. What I liked. What I loved. What I didnt like or love. Once I became comfortable in my own skin I was able to truly love and thats funnily enough when I met my wife. Being single is a great journey and im glad you have realized what it really is. Its a happy balance and being secure enough to be with or without someone.

    • Anonymous

      It’s hard, and after talking with Brian last night, I realized that isn’t a bad thing. I just had to write this to be honest with myself. I know it’s a bit poetic, but that is when I feel comfortable… hiding behind my words whilst truly expressing how I feel :)

      Thanks for the support Big Bro!

    • Anonymous

      everyday, I learn something new about you that we share in common, When I was single I went through many of the things you just described, and although I don’t like being single I tried to make the most out of that time I had to myself, to work on who “I” was.

      I realized in university that I had this ability to become the guy the girl i was interested might like. This worked, and it worked well, but it also lead to a bunch of short term relationships without any depth to them. I wasn’t being myself because i’d never been single long enough to know who that person was. Being on my own is when I really learned the exact things you just described… all my likes and dislikes, I learned to be secure on my own, In turn this, attracted new types of relationships, girls who i knew where actually into me, because I knew that no matter what I was being myself. not who i thought they might like.

      • Anonymous

        Biran, your second paragraph described aprox a year or two of my life! I learned how to be “that guy” but being that guy also meant I wasn’t someone who I even knew so I took some time out learned about me. learned I liked things I never knew I like and things I had given up in the past for stupid reasons. Thats why I am who I am now, that lonely, frustrating time lead me here to being secure and happy and having met someone great for me.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks my man! I feel the same we, we are more similar than I ever expected. You helped me out a ton with this blog btw. I appreciate all the help you had to offer.

        I’ve been alone most of my life, at times I am too comfortable with who I am. So much so that I broadcast it on the triple-w. However, knowing that doesn’t always make things easy, but in the end I hope it’ll help make it worth it.

  • Anonymous

    PS Greeks know how to make a great movie and a great score. Go Basil, Dino and Conan!

  • Chris Elliott

    Wow man. I’m actually speechless. This is really reallllly good stuff. As always, the music choice is on point. You got me in a whole other zone for real. I might have to check myself! ahahah Good job Brother.

    • Anonymous

      It’s always love man. I’m just glad I got this out. I’ve forgotten to appreciate what I love, to hold strong to it, and to admit to myself that it’s okay to feel it. We’re all fucked up man, I’m just glad I’ve got people like you to help me work through it. Thanks for supporting me lil bro!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000583209773 Sabrina Camp

    I think I just shed a tear.
    this is beautiful Jon.
    thank you.
    may you one day find your true love.
    whomever she is & where ever she awaits.

    • Anonymous

      You know this alludes to the belief that she is already that one :)

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